2023 Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers


A press brake serves as a machine utilized for the purpose of bending sheet metal. Its primary application spans across various industries including metal stamping, construction, automobile, aerospace, and others.

The production of press brakes is currently experiencing a surge, attributed to the consistent growth in the global demand for metal-based products. Manufacturers and procurement professionals within relevant sectors are actively seeking out the most appropriate press brake options.

Differences exist amongst press brake manufacturers in terms of product quality, pricing, and available services. Consequently, conducting a thorough comparison between various brands becomes crucial, allowing for the selection of a press brake that offers optimal value in accordance with specific requirements.

The quest for efficient, dependable, and advanced press brakes within the realm of high-end manufacturing continues to escalate. The judicious selection of an appropriate press brake, geared towards lowering operational expenses and enhancing production efficiency, represents a highly worthwhile endeavor.

Each individual brand of press brake boasts its own unique attributes and strengths. Enterprises must carefully deliberate and opt for the equipment that best aligns with their specific needs.

This article is dedicated to presenting the foremost ten press brake manufacturers worldwide for the year 2023.


Region: Japan

Main business: plate punching, bending, Shearing machine, laser cutting machine, and other sheet metal processing machine, as well as corresponding toolings, spare parts, and cutting products.

Company profile:

Amada stands as a global enterprise renowned for its extensive lineage in the realm of metal processing machinery. Originating in Japan back in 1946, the company’s core focus revolves around the provision of an array of equipment encompassing sheet metal machinery, cutting apparatus, grinding devices, stamping presses, and precision welding machines.

Complementing its primary offerings, Amada also extends its portfolio to encompass software solutions, tooling enhancements, and an assortment of ancillary products and services. Notably, Amada remains in a perpetual state of technological evolution, consistently innovating to cater to the dynamic demands of its clientele and the ever-changing market landscape.

What sets Amada’s products apart is their meticulously crafted and comprehensive mechanical architecture, thereby delivering an assurance of unparalleled quality to its user base. Beyond this, these offerings distinguish themselves through their operational efficiency and environmentally-conscious performance attributes.

One of Amada’s prominent highlights lies in its pioneering simulated automation technology, a cutting-edge feature that bestows users with a seamless and streamlined processing experience. This advanced facet not only guarantees precision but also stands as a testament to Amada’s commitment to delivering optimal solutions to its discerning users.

MYT Review:

Amada’s press brake showcases a profile marked by exceptional precision, swift operation, minimal energy usage, and an environmentally considerate approach. Without a doubt, Amada’s reputation for product excellence remains unwavering.

In addition, Amada extends a comprehensive array of technical support, encompassing pre-sales training and post-sales service, further underscoring its commitment to customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this excellence comes at a higher price point, and the operation entails a higher degree of complexity, necessitating proficient training for optimal machine handling.


Region: Germany

Main business:  Machines & Systems, Lasers, VCSEL solutions photodiodes, Power electronics, Power tools Software Services

Company profile:

Established in Germany in 1923, the TRUMPF Group has left an indelible mark on the industry. In North America, TRUMPF Inc. stands as the subsidiary of TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG.

The group operates through two distinct divisions: machine tool/power tool and laser technology/power supply. Globally recognized, it holds a distinguished position as one of the foremost manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication machinery, industrial lasers, and electronic products tailored for industrial applications.

TRUMPF consistently leads the charge in technological advancement through ceaseless innovation, effectively charting new horizons in technical benchmarks. The organization’s unwavering dedication extends towards the constant development and enhancement of a broader product portfolio, all for the betterment of a vast spectrum of users.

MYT Review:

TRUMPF introduces the TruBend series within their press brake lineup, showcasing both cutting-edge bending technology and an aesthetically pleasing design. This series boasts exceptional precision and speed in bending operations; however, it should be noted that its cost is on the higher side.


Region: Canada

Main business:

Press Brakes, Shears, Turret Punch Press, Tooling, Automation

Company profile:

Accupress, founded in Canada in 1973, stands as a reputable expert in crafting CNC machine tools. Its primary focus encompasses the production of press brakes, shearing machines, tooling, and various complementary peripherals.

The company has garnered distinction for its proficiency in crafting substantial-tonnage tandem press brakes and robot automation. Renowned for its superior manufacturing standards and cutting-edge technology, Accupress has introduced an innovative visual control program capable of autonomously fine-tuning the bending process.

MYT Review:

Accupress’s press brake employs a servo-electric hybrid hydraulic propulsion system, promoting energy conservation and ecological sustainability. Moreover, its high-performance control system enhances bending precision and boosts productivity.


Region: Switzerland

Main business:

Laser Cutting Systems, Tube Processing, Press Brakes, Automation Laser, Automation Bending, Software

Company profile:

Originating from Switzerland in 1964, Bystronic has gained global recognition as a purveyor of comprehensive solutions for sheet metal processing. The company’s primary attention is on the complete automation of material and data flow throughout the cutting and bending process chain. Bystronic’s core offerings include laser cutting machines, press brakes, automation systems, and corresponding software.

MYT Review:

Bystronic stands out in the field of small to medium-sized press brakes, offering unmatched accuracy, adaptability, and speed.


Region: Turkey

Main business:

Laser cutting machines, Press brakes, Guillotine shears, Punch press, Plasma cutting machines, Cylinder bending machines, Combined shears, Corner notching machines, Loading unloading system

Company profile:

Ali Durmaz laid the foundation stone for Durmazlar Machinery in the year 1956, marking its name in the global market as a premium maker of machinery used in metal processing. The product line of Durma spans a wide range, encompassing CNC press brakes, turret presses, punching apparatus, shears, ironworkers, plate and angle rolls, saws, and fiber lasers of an all-solid-state.

MYT Review:

With Durma’s offerings, you can expect exceptional accuracy, dependable excellence, and minimal upkeep and running expenses.


Region: Italy

Main business:

Punching machines, Panel benders, Press brakes, Fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, Automatic store-towers, Software

Company profile:

Back in the year 1963, Guido Salvagnini laid the foundation of his company in the city of Milan, Italy. Recognized globally, the Salvagnini Group holds a leading position in the domain of flexible automation and machinery used for processing sheet metal. Salvagnini delivers state-of-the-art flexible machines and systems that exhibit high performance. Among its wide array of products and services, it offers panel benders, comprehensive punch shearing systems, a mechatronic punching machine that can be converted into a laser-combi, FMS production lines, fiber laser cutting machines, and ROBOformER robotic bending cells, to name a few.

MYT Review:

Salvagnini has engineered an entirely autonomous robotic bending unit, managed by a solitary controller and software. The CNC press brake from Salvagnini is an optimal choice for manufacturing plants with an adequate budget and a preference for an automated production line.


Region: Belgium

Main business:

Laser cutting machines, Punch presses, Press brakes, Shearing machines

Company profile:

LVD, established in the heart of Belgium during the 1950s, stands as a pioneer in the realm of laser, punching, and bending technology. Globally recognized for its production of metal shaping tools, it boasts the most diverse press brake production line. LVD takes pride in providing personalized multi-axis CNC plate bending machines, equipped with Easy-Form® laser angle measurement technology.

MYT Review:

The operation of the press brake is consistent and productive. LVD’s CNC press brake incorporates an extensive selection of tooling, complemented by an automated tooling switch and a tooling archive.


Region: United States

Main business:

Lasers, Press brakes, Shears, Automation, Powered metal presses, Software

Company profile:

Cincinnati Incorporated, a company rooted in the late 19th century United States, boasts a rich heritage in the production of metal manufacturing equipment. Their broad product portfolio ranges from press brakes and shearing machines, to laser cutting machines, among others.

MYT Review:

The machines produced in Cincinnati are renowned for their longevity and minimal upkeep expenses. The primary lineup of bending machines encompasses models such as HYFORM, MAXFORM, AUTOFORM, PROFORM, and BASEFORM.

Prima Power

Region: Finland

Main business:

2D and 3D laser machines, Punching and combined punch, Laser and punch, Shear machines, Press brakes, Panel benders , Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Automation

Company Profile:

Originating from Finland in the year 1969, Prima Industrie has paved its way to the forefront in the field of laser and sheet metal fabrication machinery. In the same year, Finn Power marked its establishment in Finland, which was later acquired by the Prima Industrie Group in 2008. Prima Power, with its expertise in mechatronics, optoelectronics, automation, and software, offers its customers proficient servo-electric solutions for punching, bending, and integrated processes.

MYT Review:

Prima Power boasts an extensive array of offerings, featuring progressive and well-developed press brake technology that promotes efficiency and eco-friendliness.


Region: China

Main business:

The primary focus of MYT lies in the manufacture and research of CNC press brake, fiber laser cutting machine, wire forming machine, and HVAC duct making machine.

Company Profile:

Nestled in the city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, resides Suzhou MYT CNC Machine Co., Ltd, boasting a subsidiary in Shanghai, MYT (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. MYT’s cutting-edge machines have been dispatched to diverse global markets, garnering consistent accolades from clients. The bedrock of MYT’s growth trajectory is technological innovation. With swift progress over the years, MYT has assembled a robust global sales team, with the ambition to ascend to the pinnacle of the sheet metal bending and cutting industry.

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