3 minutes to understand wire bending machine

What is the accuracy of a qualified metal wire bending machine?

The accuracy of wire bending machine plays a decisive role in the overall quality of wire bending machine. If you are first time to buy the equipment, it is difficult to choose one that suits you among many models of equipment.

The accuracy of the bending machine is mainly divided into three accuracy: feeding line, bending angle and rotating angle of the rotating arm. 

The feeding wire is 300 ±0.2mm, the bending angle is ±0.3 degrees, and the rotation angle of the rotating arm is ±0.3mm.

What are the applications of CNC wire bending machine?

CNC wire bending machine is specially used for bending and forming of metal wire, that is, bending equipment of steel wire, steel wire, iron wire, copper wire and copper wire according to the needs of users.

In the traditional metal wire accessories are operated by manual plus simple tools, not only the production efficiency is slow but also the labor cost is high. 

With the innovation of the era of science and technology, the application of CNC wire bending machine is increasing day by day. It also makes the manufacture of the bending machine more and more innovative. 

According to the structure, the wire bending machine can be divided into rotary head wire bending machine, flat wire bending machine and double-headed wire bending machine. The rotary head wire bending machine refers that the machine can turn the head and do not turn the line, while the flat plate refers that it does not turn the head. 

The metal wire bends used in computer display brackets, shopping carts, shelves, kitchen and bathroom baskets, steel wire accessories for auto parts, metal wire bending handicrafts, pet cages and so on are produced by numerical control wire bending machines.

Five characteristics of wire bending machine

The external torsion head can be raised and lowered alone. 

The inner torsion can not rise and fall during processing, and the outer torsion can be processed separately, the wire rod can not be withdrawn from the bending groove, and the inner torsion can be used as a double-layer bending groove or bending nail. 

Faster and more stable. 

The torsion head as a whole can be shifted left and right. 

Internal torsion can be eccentrically machined, torsion spring can be machined, etc. 

More R angles can be used and more flexible. 

The wire box can be moved back and forth. 

When processing, the wire box never needs to be withdrawn. So that the wire does not need to pass through the straight line mechanism twice. Make the wire more stable. And when machining long parts, there is more room for the wire box to move backward. 

The cutter can move back and forth. 

The cutter can move back and forth, it is faster and more stable when machining short parts, and there is more room for retreating to the back when machining long parts, so that the bending machine will not touch the cutter. 

Many pairs of wire feeder are adopted.

The wire feeding motor is fixed on the bottom base to reduce the weight of the wire box, make the wire turn faster, lighter, and the rotation angle more accurate and stable.

MYT wire bending machine for sale

2D Wire Bending Machine

  • Capacity 3-12mm
  • Adtech control system
  • Auto decoiler
  • 4 axis including servo motor Sanyo brand

3D Wire Bending 5 axis

  • Capacity :  3-12mm
  • Adtech control system
  • Auto decoiler
  • 5 axis including servo motor Sanyo brand

3D Wire Bending Machine 7 axis

  • Capacity : 3-16mm ( can be customized )
  • Adtech control system
  • Auto decoiler
  • 7 axis including servo motor Sanyo brand

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