CNC wire bending machine

CNC wire bending machine
3D 5 axis CNC wire bending machine

1. The wire feeding wheels are driven by the precision servo motor to rotate, and each motor is controlled by a professional computer system to perform each step of forming.

The slow rise and fall curve of the servo motor and the speed of the servo motor can be modified according to the needs, which eliminates the impact of mechanical transmission and ensures that the actual transmission wire length is consistent with the theoretical calculation length.

2. The adjustable servo shear can ensure the neatness of the circle incision, and both the shearing time and the retracting time can be directly modified on the text display.

3. It is designed with manual slow-speed feeding and slow-speed feeding functions, which is easy to operate and reduces material loss.

4. The external torsion head can be lifted and lowered independently.

Advantages: the inner torsion can not be lifted during processing, the outer torsion can be lifted and left alone for processing, the wire does not need to exit the bending groove, and the inner torsion can be used as double-layer bending cotton or bending nails.

5. The torsion head can be offset left and right as a whole.

Advantages: the inner torsion can be processed eccentrically, the torsion spring can be processed, etc. More and more flexible R angles can be used.

6. The wire feeding box can be moved back and forth.

Advantages: when processing, the wire feed box never needs to be retracted. The wire does not need to pass through the linear mechanism twice. It makes the wire more stable. And when processing long parts, the wire feed box moves back to have more space. When short products Move forward, hit the product faster and more stable.

7. The cutter can move back and forth.

Advantages: the cutter can move back and forth, which is faster and more stable when processing short products, and when processing long products, there is more space for retreating to the back so that the product will not touch the cutter.

8. The wire motor is fixed on the bottom base to reduce the weight of the wire feeding box, making the wire turn faster and lighter, and the turning angle is more precise and stable. The steering head is designed to be transported in copper tubing which is more stable and stronger than bearing transfer.

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