5 Axis CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine

5 Axis CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine
  • Use multi-axis computer control system and imported servo motor, achieving the perfect combination between intelligence and power.

  • Use the computer with interface in Chinese and English(optional),easy operation and accurate positioning. 

  • Achieve both synchronous and isolated operation of motors,ensuring higher lever of automation.

CNC System

5 axis servo control control; it can be extended to eight axis and supported the synchronization/single control;

Display interface with English , adjustment luminance, support the automatic screensaver;

Feeding Wheel

3d wire bending machine is equipped with 3 pairs wire feeding wheel. Ensures the stability of wire feeding speed, which can provide a good guarantee for the accuracy of subsequent wire processing . Each sets of wheel suits for two sizes of wire diameter

Servo Motor Control

Four Sanyo servo motors respectively control the movement of four parts wire feeding, wire cutting, moving and angle forming  to ensure processing accuracy.

Straighten And Levelling Parts

Making wires straight and produce product stable . Also it’s easy to be adjusted

Mold Parts

Material of mold is CRL2MOV , alloy material , durable , dipping progress

Turn Arm

Which can be adjust different height and ensure working stable

Electric Decoiler

MYT3D machine equipped with a 500KG/ 1000kg automatic feeding decoiler as standard

5 Axis CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine Components





No. Of axis




Wire diameter (mm)

Soft wire:Φ2mm-φ6mm

Hard material: φ3.0-φ7.0

Soft material: φ3.0-φ8.0

Hard material: φ4.0-φ11.0

Soft material: φ4.0-φ12.0

No. of wire feeding machine

3 pairs

3 pairs

3 pairs


Wire Feeding

3.8 KW

11 KW

15 KW


Wire Turning





Wire Cuter

1.0 KW

1.0 KW

4.4 KW


Angle Control

1.8 KW

1.8 KW

3.5 KW


Lift Control

1.0 KW

1.0 KW

4.4 KW

Weight of Machine (kg)




Machine dimension (mm)




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