6 axis press brake- MYT

Advantages of 6 axis Press brake

Greater flexibility: the 6 axis press brake has more freedom of movement, so it can handle more complex components and shapes. 

This flexibility enables it to adapt to a variety of artifact requirements. 


With more axes, the 6 axis press brake can perform multiple tasks at the same time, such as bending and rotating the workpiece at the same time, thus improving production efficiency. 

Higher accuracy

The additional number of axis can provide higher control and positioning accuracy, ensuring more accurate and consistent bending operations, thereby reducing defective rates. 

Complex curve processing

For workpieces that need to deal with complex curves or multiple curves, 6 axis press brake can more easily meet these requirements, while machines with fewer axes may not be able to do so. 

A higher degree of automation

With more axes, 6 axis press brake are easier to automate and robotize, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving production efficiency. 

However, 6 axis press brake may also be more expensive than machines with fewer axes and require more complex programming and maintenance, so cost and practical requirements need to be taken into account in selection. 

press brake with fewer axes are usually more suitable for simple processing tasks, while 6 axis press brake are suitable for handling more complex workpieces and production environments that require a higher degree of automation.

Why you should choose MYT 6 axis press brake?

WE67K press brake
WE67K press brake

High output 6 axis press brake-WE67K press brake

  • DELEM DA66T CNC controller
  • System control can be 4-8 axis .( Y1 Y2 X1 X2 R1 R2 Z1 Z2)
  • Front support
  • Germany Rexroth system
  • Germany Bosch pump
  • Germany EMB oil tube connectors
  • Siemens motor
  • CNC tooling, lower tooling can single V and four sides V 835 mm section
  • Front side covers with safety switches.
High output 6 axis press brake-WE67K press brake

High-Precision Rapid Clamping-6 axis press brake

The rapid clamping of the upper die is convenient, reducing labor intensity and enhancing production efficiency. This utility model offers benefits such as high precision, effortless clamping, prevention of loosening, and no risk of tool dropping.

WE67K press brake 2
WE67K press brake

Automatic Stopper Fingers on Z1 and Z2 Axes-6 axis press brake

The Z1 and Z2 fingers move independently along the dovetail guides, ensuring easy operation with remarkable precision.

Automatic Stopper Fingers on Z1 and Z2 Axes-6 axis press brake

Dependable and Stable Front Support Table-6 axis press brake

Customers can rely on this table when placing thin metal sheets, ensuring precise positioning and guidance. Each table can support a weight of up to 30 kilograms.

Dependable and Stable Front Support Table-6 axis press brake

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