Air compressor use guide for more effective fiber laser cutting machine


  • Manually exhaust and drain the air storage tank before turning on the machine every day.
  • First turn on the cold dryer, after 3 minutes turn on the compressor to wait for the pressure in the pipeline to be more than 0.5MPa, and then turn on the adsorption dryer.
  • When shutting down the machine, you need to ensure that the pressure in the pipeline is greater than 0.5MPa before closing the adsorption test dryer.
  • Pay attention to normal compressor fan start/stop and normal temperature.
  • Please strictly follow the air compressor maintenance regulations to maintain the air compressor regularly.

2.The impact of air compressor failure on the laser cutting machine.

  • Insufficient air outlet pressure may result in poor cutting effect of the equipment, the equipment cylinder can not be opened normally, the table can not be exchanged normally and other problems
  • High oil and water content of the gas may cause the pollution of the auxiliary air circuit, proportional valve, cutting head lens and ultimately lead to poor cutting results.

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