Automatic Brushing And Deburring Machine


Universal grinding wheel deburring and rounding

  • Model
    VSA300 type  VSA860 type  VSA1060 type
  • Scope of application
    Laser (flame) cutting, stamping, and tailoring of metal and non-metallic plates, all-round deburring, slag removal, and corner rounding without dead ends; metal plate surface grinding, wire drawing, rust removal, and scale processing.

Removal of slag, deburring and rounding of front and back sides

  • Model
    3VSR66OMS-W2S model   VSRB1060MS-3WB model   VSRS1360MS-BTW5S model
  • Scope of application:
    Flame (plasma) cutting of medium-thick steel plate and metal plate work piece to remove slag, deburr, and round corners.

Disc brush metal deburring machine


VSD300B-W3S type   VSD300S-M3S type

Scope of application:

  1. Widely used in cutting parts, stamping parts, processed parts, polishing, deburring and rounding of metal sheets and profiles;
  2. This equipment can also be used to polish non-metallic plate work pieces, such as plastic, nylon, wood, stone, etc.

Automatic flipping and double-sided deburring machine

  • Model:

    VSD300II-M4S type   VSD300II-W2SR type   VSD300II-W4S type

  • Scope of application:

    Metal stamping, machining, grinder processing, powder metallurgy and other work pieces can be used for double-sided polishing, deburring, rounding, rust removal, scale removal, cleaning and drying, rust prevention, etc. Suitable for processing metal products with a length, width or diameter of 40*100mm. The front and back sides of the parts are polished and deburred in one go.

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