Automatic flipping and double-sided deburring machine

  • Model:
    VSD300II-M4S type   VSD300II-W2SR type   VSD300II-W4S type
  • Scope of application:
    Metal stamping, machining, grinder processing, powder metallurgy and other work pieces can be used for double-sided polishing, deburring, rounding, rust removal, scale removal, cleaning and drying, rust prevention, etc. Suitable for processing metal products with a length, width or diameter of 40*100mm. The front and back sides of the parts are polished and deburred in one go.

Description of main functions and features

  1. The entire line sequentially completes all processes including automatic loading, double-sided precision polishing and deburring, cleaning, drying and rust prevention, and automatic material collection. It can process 60-100 pieces of various types of valve plates, friction plates, thrust plates, partitions and other work pieces per minute; the assembly line operates through the modular combination, and customers purchase the whole or select relevant modules according to their needs.
  2. The entire set of equipment is special equipment for the automated double-sided polishing, cleaning and drying production line;
  3. The excellent structural functions of the equipment ensure the equipment’s superior durability, safety, and stability; the equipment is efficient, energy-saving, easy to operate, and simple to maintain.

Product parameters

Equipment configuration: front polishing (single station or multi-station brush plate combination) + automatic flipping and conveying + back polishing (single station or multi-station brush plate combination), can be connected for cleaning and drying, and can add automatic feeding and Rewinder configuration or production line;

Grinding method: vacuum adsorption dry grinding. Equipped with dust collection;

Control system: human-machine interface control, one-key to start the operation of the entire equipment; 5) Specifications and dimensions: total length approximately 4.5-6M*width 1.2m*height 2.2m; 6 total power: 15-25KW.

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