The Relationship Between Bending Force and Bending Accuracy of CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

In the metal processing industry, CNC hydraulic press brake as a widely used equipment, its performance is directly related to product quality and production efficiency.

When evaluating the performance of the CNC hydraulic press brake, the bending force and bending accuracy become the decisive key indicators.

This paper will focus on these two aspects to discuss the importance of CNC hydraulic press brake machine performance and the close relationship between them.

CNC hydraulic press brake

The importance of bending force for CNC hydraulic press brake

First of all, as one of the important parameters of the performance of CNC hydraulic press brake, the bending force directly affects the deformability of metal materials in the bending process.

The magnitude of the bending force determines the strength that the workpiece can bear when bending.

Too small bending force may lead to springback of the workpiece, which makes the final shape unable to meet the design requirements and reduces the bending accuracy.

On the contrary, excessive bending force may cause uneven pressure distribution on the workpiece surface, cause deformation and damage, and also pose a threat to bending accuracy.

The key of bending accuracy for CNC hydraulic press brake

Secondly, the bending accuracy is an index that directly reflects the performance level of the bending machine.

Bending accuracy describes the accuracy and consistency of metal materials in the bending process.

High bending precision means that the CNC hydraulic press brake can process the workpiece into the desired shape in accordance with the precise design requirements to ensure that the product meets the quality standards.

On the contrary, the reduction of bending accuracy may lead to inconsistent product size, or even non-conforming products, affecting the whole production process.

Interaction between bending force and bending accuracy of CNC hydraulic press brake

There is a close interaction between bending force and bending accuracy.

The appropriate bending force can improve the bending resistance of the workpiece, help to reduce the springback effect, and thus improve the bending accuracy.

However, in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary damage to the workpiece on the premise of ensuring sufficient bending force.

Therefore, adjusting and optimizing the bending force has become a key link to improve the performance of the CNC hydraulic press brake.

How to optimize the performance of CNC hydraulic press brake?

In order to optimize the performance of the CNC hydraulic press brake, we should not only pay attention to the matching of the bending force and bending accuracy, but also consider the structural parameters and control system of CNC hydraulic press brake.

Reasonable design of bending groove shape and selection of appropriate bending force adjustment mode are very important to improve the performance of the CNC hydraulic press brakes.

At the same time, by optimizing the control system, the real-time and accurate adjustment of bending force can be realized, which can effectively improve the bending accuracy.

In order to optimize the performance of the CNC hydraulic press brake, we need to start from many aspects, including bending force adjustment, structural parameter design, control system optimization, operation and maintenance and so on.

Here are some suggestions:

Reasonable adjustment of bending force for CNC hydraulic press brake

According to the material, thickness and other characteristics of the workpiece, set the appropriate bending force reasonably to ensure that the workpiece can maintain a stable shape in the bending process and avoid springback and deformation.

Design and matching of structural parameters:

The structural parameters of CNC hydraulic press brake, including the shape of the bending groove and the structure of the bottom die, are optimized to match the characteristics of the workpiece to be processed, so as to improve the overall machining efficiency and bending accuracy.

Optimization of control system:

The control system of the CNC hydraulic press brake is optimized, and the advanced numerical control technology is adopted to realize the accurate control of the bending force.

By adjusting the bending force in real time, the adaptability of the CNC hydraulic press brake under different working conditions can be improved, thus the bending accuracy can be improved.

Training in operating skills: 

Provide professional training to the operators to make them master the operation skills of CNC hydraulic press brake.

Skilled operators can set bending parameters reasonably according to the requirements of specific workpieces to improve the accuracy and efficiency of machining.

Regular equipment maintenance:

Carry out regular maintenance of CNC hydraulic press brake, including cleaning, lubrication and parts inspection.

Ensure the normal operation of all parts of the equipment to prevent the decline of performance and workpiece processing quality caused by equipment failure.

Technical support and upgrade:

Establish close contact with manufacturer or technical service team to obtain timely technical support.

Consider upgrading the software and hardware of CNC hydraulic press brake in order to cope with the changing market and improve the performance of the equipment.

Real-time monitoring and feedback mechanism:

A real-time monitoring system is introduced to monitor the bending process and establish a feedback mechanism.

Through real-time data analysis, problems can be found and adjusted in time to ensure stability and consistency in the machining process.

Material selection and adaptability considerations:

The characteristics of workpiece materials are considered when selecting workpiece materials, and different materials may require different bending treatments.

Ensure that CNC hydraulic press brake is adaptable enough to handle metal materials of different types and thicknesses.

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