China 35T Power Press Machine

China 35T power press machine
  •  Adopt rotating key positive clutch, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
  • J23-25T adopts rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing(copper bearing) and this make the transmission gear more wear-resistant and avoid loud noise of gears caused by copper bearing abrasion.
  • J23-35 open type inclinable press machine is unique in the industry. Other 35T press machine produced by other manufactures in the country all adopt a machine body of the 25T machine and copper bearing for the transmission gear. We are the only manufacturer that redesigns the body. The 35T machine body is far more heavier than the 25T machine body and the strength is also better with the rolling bearing transmission (low gear noise), which is almost eaqual to the light 40T press machine.

Machine Body

The body of the J23 C-frame inclinable mechanical press is available in inclining at different angles. All of the machine body, slide and worktable are made of casting steel.

Balance Cylinders

Adding from 80ton to the proper capacity to the machine, the two balance cylinders are mainly used to balance the weight of the slide and the die. The balance cylinders are also useful for decreasing the vibration and impact.

C-frame Inclinable Mechanical Press

This C-frame inclinable mechanical press adds a safety block in the slide to protect it and the die in the overload. Only with the window of the slide open, the safety block can be replaced easily.

China 35T Power Press Machine Detail Display

Manual Adjuster

A simple but reliable manual adjuster for the slide is adopted, with 0.1mm increment indicator.

The Rotary Combined Clutch And The Mechanical Brake

The rotary combined clutch and the mechanical brake with high rigidity can be easily manipulated and maintained.

Helical Gear Transmission

The helical gear transmission is utilized to reduce the noise and enhance the stability of the machine.

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