China CNC Tube Laser Cutting Machine

China CNC Tube Laser Cutting Machine
  • Offset tube centre error in production to improve through holes cutting precision.
  • Steel Channel cutting.  
  • Corner cutting technique.
  • Support auto loading/unloading programme, cycle production and automatic feeding.

High Precision Structural Components

Processed by GOLGAR high precision milling machine with accuracy of 0.02mm.

Fully Welded Thick Steel Plates and Tubes

Built by Q235 high-strength pipe and plate with fully welding. After high temperature quenching treatment, the whole bed withstand high pressure and high temperature to ensure that the bed is stable and not deformed for at least 20 years.

Anti-collision Height Controlling Z axis

Z axis is equipped with capacitive height controller in order to provides excellent performance in distance control. provides excellent performance in distance control. It also support vibration suppression to restrict laser head resonating with vibrated thin sheet under pressured gas. Work with cutting software can realize the functions of ‘find workpiece edge’, ‘frog-leap’ and ‘stepping pierce’ etc.

Full-stroke pneumatic chuck

The chuck is a 120mm full-stroke pneumatic chuck with built-in cylinders. It is easy to install and can be clamped and loosened by the side air intake. It can clamp the full range of applicable fittings and full stroke to improve production efficiency.

China CNC Tube Laser Cutting Machine Detail Display

CW Fiber Laser

1000W~6000W SINGLE MODULE CW FIBER LASER is a high-power fiber laser with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact size, high beam quality and maintenance-free. Wide fiber core diameter range from 100~600um, can be customized from 800um~1000um. Mainly used in precision machining.The laser uses substance excitation to generate light. This light has a strong temperature. When contacting the material, it can quickly melt on the surface of the material to form a hole. 

Auto Collimation Laser Head

The Auto Collimation technology from laser head offers the ability to precisely control the laser beam spot size and focus position, allowing the seamless removal of molten metal from within the kerf of the cut. This has solved the issue that standard fibre lasers can have when processing thicker mild steel: If molten material is not removed from the cut quickly enough, the cutting speed needs to be reduced. The Auto Collimation technology ensures the highest cutting speeds with a high quality cut surface.

Welding seam detection (Optional)

Weld seam recognition based on CCD image processing

It is composed of lens, optical sensor, and central processing unit. It can be directly connected with PLC and multi-axis controller, and directly output the calculation result. Realize the implementation of more total, automatic correction and other functions.

Fully automatic tube feeding system (Optional)

The fully automatic feeder is capable to store bundle of tubes up to 1500 kg. Multiple

types of tube and profile can be uploaded by this feeder. The customized feeder has

long range of uploading in length.

Safety Light Curtain Optional

Safety light curtains are safety-certified light curtain products that consist of two parts. The light emitter emits modulated infrared light, which is received by the light receiver to form a protective net.


Model Brand Model Quantity
Servo motor (Main Body) Schneider W1:3kw W2:2kw; X:0.4kw Y:3kw Z:0.4kw 5 Set
Linear guides HIWIN #25 Several
Gear rail YYC 2M Several
Servo reducer Beitto AH B/T 5 Set
Front and rear pneumatic chuck JQ 120 1 Set
Pneumatic Components AirTAC Several
Laser soruce Raycus 1000/1500/2000/3000w 1 EA
Laser head RAYTOOLS BM109/BM110/BM111 1 EA
Water chiller Hanli 1-3kw 1 EA
Low voltage electrical components Schneider Switch/Relay Several
Industrial controller Yanhua Windows system 1 EA
Oiling system Dingshen Automatic 1 Set
Control system FSCUT 3000S 1 Set


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