China HVAC Auto Duct Production Line 3

China HVAC Auto Duct Production Line 3

HVAC Auto Duct Production Line 3 is mainly for uncoiling, leveling, beading, punching, locking, Because of it’s small space requirement and easy to install and operate the machine can upgrade to”super line 4″.

China HVAC Auto Duct Production Line 3 Description

The auto duct production line III is composed of a material rack, a leveling rib unit, a burr punching unit and a square mouth punching unit, a cutting unit and a folding unit. The standard configuration is the tip punching unit and the square punching unit required for the TDF flange duct, and the square port punching unit can also be used to produce the TDC flange. The folding unit can process the right angle bone that matches the joint port, or bend the sheet into a “mouth” or “L” shape, and then use the lock forming machine to machine the joint port for the TDC flange duct . Greatly improve the utilization of the board, reduce labor intensity and reduce labor cost .

       The control part of the production line adopts full computer control. The control system has a closed-loop feedback system, and the accuracy and stability are obviously improved. Its maximum working speed is 16 m / min. The length error is ±0.5MM and the diagonal error is ±0.8MM. The system can meet the capacity of 1000M2 square duct for single shift. MYT auto duct line also can be customized according to client requirement , like voltage , spare parts , color or machine’s deign

Technical Specifications

Model No. Max Coil Width Thickness Range Speed Power     dimensions Shearing Tolerance Diagonal Tolerance Weight
MYT-1.2×1300 1300mm 0.4-1.2mm 0-18m/min  9kw 5500*1950*1600 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 4ton
MYT-1.2×1500 1500mm 0.4-1.2mm 0-18m/min  9kw 5500*2150*1700 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 4.5ton

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