The development history of Chinese spiral duct forming machine

Development history

Spiral duct forming machine is also called HVAC Spiral Duct Forming Machine. China began to introduce this spiral duct forming machine manufacturing technology into the shipbuilding industry in the mid-1990s. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the use of central air conditioning has increased year by year, and the quality of exhaust air supply products has been continuously improved. The spiral air duct is the first to be used in some foreign capital and joint ventures. 

The characteristics of spiral air ducts, such as no welding, no air leakage, no water leakage, low noise, low ventilation resistance, low cost, firmness, beauty and so on, are gradually recognized by Chinese customers. 

The spiral duct machine was first established in 1956 by the Swiss spiro company. Before 2004, China’s spiral duct machines rely on imports and the machine price is high. A 1602 model machine was sold to China at a price of 3 million RMB. Other accessories are valued at tens of thousands of yuan. Meanwhile, the cost of after-sales service is also very high. At that time, a foreign engineer who supports after-sales service in China costs 500 euros per day.

In 2004, a domestic company took the lead in introducing Swiss production technology and successively developed various types of spiral duct forming machines. With advanced production technology, excellent quality and affordable prices, they quickly occupied the domestic market and impacted the international market.

spiral duct forming machine
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The function of spiral duct

A spiral duct is a thin wall tube with spiral bite joint made of metal tape coil. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material conveying, instead of the traditional white iron pipe (that is, manual bite joint iron pipe). It is a kind of air duct, full mechanism straight pipe without manual beating. Its main uses are as follows:


In factory workshops and production sites, harmful gases need to be discharged outdoors and the outdoor air is needed to be transported indoors. At this time, it is necessary to use air transport ducts with large flow and low pressure, spiral ducts are the most suitable.

Send cold air

The most common is the central air conditioning pipe and this pipe needs to add insulation material. The spiral air duct can be affixed with thermal insulation material, and the appearance looks well.

Exhaust oil smoke

The kitchen of hotels, restaurants and hotels has a large number of lampblack, which needs to be discharged. The circular air duct is used as a chimney.

Dust removal

In some factories, there is a lot of dust in the workshop, which requires special dedusting devices, in which pipes with large airflow can use spiral ducts.

Bulk material transportation

In the production process of some factories, loose particles need to be transported, especially those with low specific gravity, such as foamed plastic particles. In this case, using spiral air ducts can have low cost and good performance.

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spiral duct forming machine
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