CNC Automatic Panel Bender

CNC automatic panel bender

According to the design concepts of savanini and primapower, the structural design of the core components of the machine tool is original, so as to avoid the impact of structural defects on the bending accuracy and plate thickness, such as integral body, direct drive plate rotation, bending driving mode, etc. various accessories are selected according to high standards and strict requirements, and through rigorous structural design and theoretical calculation, Ensure the service life and stability of the equipment, and the brand, model and specification of main accessories far exceed that of domestic equipment.

Cast Iron Body

The body is tempered in a tempering furnace

High Grade Casting         High Welding Standard

  • Equipment core framework using high grade QT500-7 and HT250 castings, and must be measured by a testing instrument.

Universal Bending Tools

The PANEL BENDER uses universal bending tools that do not require set-up times and adapt automatically to panel geometry; this become a plus for operator safety and ensures productivity and flexibility.

Automatic Die Changing Device Optional

It has functions of folding and avoiding, automatic combination and so on. It is convenient to process all kinds of box parts.

The die changing device consists of an intermediate avoidance die, a standard segment die, a clutch moving device and a rotating insert die device.

Bending Manipulator

The functions of changing sides, rotating and moving are realized in the horizontal plane

C-type structure, more flexible and freer space Servo driver, linear guide, high precision

Full Servo CNC System

Pc-base completely independent research and development of 9 axis + (support up to 44 axis concurrent) concurrent linkage full servo CNC system

  • Graphical visual error detection programming
  • Oil supply self-lubricating system
  • Offline programming
  • Up & down pressing edge function
  • Pressed into a flat function

Feeding System Optional

The suction cup feeding method has been patented as a utility model, which is simple, convenient, easy to operate and safe.

Take the robot automatic loading and unloading for example.

The let area of the bending center is the loading area and the right area is the unloading area.

The maximum working range of the robot is 9300mm*4000mm.

CNC Automatic Panel Bender Detail Display

Positioning Methods

  • Due to shearing error, only the first bending edge has dimensional error
  • There is no bending size error on other bending edges: the product size is still qualified
  • Shearing error affects bending dimension accuracy; repeated positioning repeatedly affects bending accuracy
  • Eliminates shearing errors; locates multiple bends at once,with high bending accuracy

Sample Display

Customised solutions, Multiple applications

The Most Technically Advanced Panel Bender

After 2 years of technical research, MYT have developed a servo electric

Consult with our professional sales team to select the right machine for you.

Core Configuration

Servo Motor

NSK Bearings Imported from Japan

Ball Screw

Linear Guide

Main Technical Parameters

Loading method Pressing arm
Positioning method Y axis double lift automatic positioning tools
Standard axis quantity 15
  Suitable material Stainless steel, aluminum panel, cold panel and other metal materials
Metal sheet thickness 0.35-2mm
panel size max. 2500*1500mm
material requirement   Suitable for mesh, conruggated, hollow and all kinds of flat panel or special shaped of work piece  
Functions & features automatic reposition, oblique reposition Improved C axis rotation speed and accuracy fast release and installation type uppper pressing tool standard power horn blank holder Max. bending height 300mm
ITEMS LHA05-1400PC1/1400PC3 LHA05-2000PC1/2000PC3 LHA05-2500PC1/2500PC3
Max.  bending speed 0 . 2 second/time 0 . 2 second/time 0 . 2 second/time
Max.  bending width 1400mm 2000mm 2500mm
Max. bending height 1 70mm  ( 1400PC1) 1 70mm  ( 1400PC1) 1 70mm  ( 1400PC1)
300mm  ( 1400PC3) 300mm  ( 1400PC3) 300mm  ( 1400PC3)
rated voltage 380v 380v 380v
Total motor  power 38Kw 77Kw 79Kw
average  power about  1.9Kw about 2.6Kw about 2.9Kw
noise about 50d B about 50d B about 50d B
machine  size 440*190*290cm 510*265*330cm 565*300*340cm
Total machine weight about  1 5 t about 1 8 t about 2 3 t
Max.  bending thickness (thicker panel customizable) UST 515N/mm2  304 stainless steel 1 .  5  mm UST 515N/mm2  304 stainless steel 1 .  5  mm UST 515N/mm2  304 stainless steel   1.5 mm
UST 410N/mm2 cold              panel 2 . 0  mm UST 4 10 N/ mm2  cold           panel 2  . 0  mm UST 410N/mm2 cold           panel 2.0mm
UST 2 6 5 N/ mm2  aluminum           panel 3  .  0  mm UST 265N/mm2 aluminum            panel3 .0 mm UST 2 6 5 N/ mm2  aluminum     panel 3.0mm
minimum  panel thickness 0 . 35mm 0 . 35mm 0 . 35mm
four sides forming  minimum inner size 140*190mm 140*190mm 140*190mm
two sides forming  minimum inner size 140mm 140mm 140mm
Max.  bending size 1400*1400mm 2000*1500mm 2500*1500mm
axis quantity standard synchronized 1 5 axis standard synchronized  1 5 axis standard synchronized  1 5 axis
power horn blank holder optional optional optional

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