CNC Punching Machine

Continuous research and technological innovation have led MYT to create a range of CNC punching machines that offer good performance, high output and low running costs.

The CNC presses are electromechanical machines that are programmed by computer to input, move the tool and generate patterns from software files. These machines are available in single head and tool track or multi-tool turret. 

MYT offers a wide range of high-performance CNC punching machines, including Pneumatic Punching Press, CNC Turret Punching, Ironworker Machine and Power Press Machine.


CNC Turret Punching Machine

Punching press : 300KN

Turret 32 stations

Size :1250/1500/2000x5000mm

Servo Transmission Technology

Floatable Pneumatic Clamps


Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Capacity :60T/90T120T/160T/200T

Function : Bending , Punching, cutting and notching

two hydraulic cylinders ,five processing stations


Plasma Cutting Machine

Model :3015/2060/20120

Plasma Source:Huayuan/Hypertherm

Worktable : optional


Power Press Machine


Heavy type , stable structure

Reliable manual adjuster for the slide is adopted, with 0.1mm increment indicator.

The rotary combined clutch and the mechanical brake with high rigidity

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