CNC Sheet Metal Folding Machine

CNC sheet metal folding machine
  • Min. reverse bend of 20mm.

  • Max. Box height 100mm.

  • High precision across the material width.

  • Increased rigidity design.

  • Hydraulic driven gears and rack for better control and higher bend accuracy compared to the normal hydraulic drive system.

  • Easy material thickness adjustment / simple thickness setting.

CNC system E601

BANNER 2 axes NC controller with programmable bending angle and 800mm back gauge which offer 1000 steps. This means for example that it is possible to make 50 programs with 20 steps or 100 programs with 10 steps. The back gauge and timing belt offer fast movement and high accuracy positioning up to 1250mm (800mm is standard).

Auto backgauge Optional

800mm motorized back gauge with timing belt.

CNC Sheet Metal Folding Machine Components

Model Working Length Sheet thickness steel Q235 Sheet thickness stainless Max. opening Motor Folding angle Measurement L-W-H Weight
HPS 2004 2035mm 4,0mm 2,50mm 200mm 5,5kW 0-150° 3000x1100x1750mm 2450kg
HPS 2504 2540mm 4,0mm 2,50mm 200mm 5,5kW 0-150° 3850x1700x1860mm 3900kg
HPS 3104 3100mm 4,0mm 2,50mm 200mm 5,5kW 0-150° 4300x1770x1890mm 5000kg

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