What is CNC wire bending machine?

The advantage of CNC wire bending machine

CNC wire bending machine is a machine which is precisely controlled by an industrial computer to replace manual bending. It mainly processes bar steel bars and can bend national standard steel bars within 50mm. 

The equipment can process more than one steel bar at once and has the advantages of standard machining shape and large processing quantity, which can replace manual 20-30 people. 

The equipment can be used in conjunction with the numerical control steel bar shearing production line, or can work alone to automate high-volume bending of building steel bars, and can process special super steel bars such as medium railway and nuclear power projects. 

The equipment can carry out multi-directional bending in one work unit at the same time, and two bending hosts work at the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency, can carry 5 tons of raw materials and reduces the intensity of manual labour. 

It is widely used in construction and other fields.  One bending machine is fixed, the other bending machine can be moved automatically, the mode of operation is divided into manual and automatic modes. 

The steel bar conveying table is composed of a number of power rollers, which can automatically transport steel bars and store materials around. The conveying roller uses a high-quality rubber surface to reduce noise and improve efficiency. 

The lifting mechanism is pneumatically controlled, which can automatically locate the steel bar on the double bending head and transfer the bent steel bar to the storage bin. 

CNC wire bending machine
3D wire bending machine

The feature of CNC wire bending machine structure

The CNC wire bending machine belongs to the improvement of the structure of the CNC wire bending machine. 

The utility model comprises a reducer, a large gear, a pinion and a bending disk surface, which is characterized in that the two-stage brake motor is directly connected with the reducer for first-order deceleration, and the pinion and the big gear intermeshing with the big gear for secondary deceleration; the big gear always drives the bending disk surface to rotate; the bending disk surface is provided with a central shaft hole and a plurality of bending shaft holes; a plurality of positioning shaft holes are respectively arranged on the positioning square bar of the work table. 

Due to the direct connection of the two-stage brake motor and the reducer for first-order deceleration, the ratio of input to output revolutions is accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the transformation speed can be automatically controlled by electricity, and the bending angle of the brake can be guaranteed. 

Using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, the steel bar is bent in both directions. The central shaft can be replaced for easy maintenance. Intelligent control can be adopted.  According to the survey, many foreign brands are produced by Chinese manufacturers.

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