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What’s advantages of flexible bending center compare with press brake ?

Sheet metal processing equipment is the basic production equipment of the sheet metal processing industry, occupying an important position in the field of metal products.

The domestic metal cutting machine tools in sheet metal processing processes have basically been automated. However, most of the bending equipment in the sheet metal field still belong to traditional equipment. The degree of automation, low production efficiency, and high technical requirements for employees. According to statistics, there are more than 500,000 units global market in the sheet metal industry machine tools, the market size exceeds 100 billion, and the total demand of more than 100,000 units, of which the flexible bending center demand is more than 20,000 units. 

Compared with the traditional bending center . MYT intelligent flexible bending center shows excellent results in all aspects.

There are following advantages :

1. Working Speed

MYT ‘s intelligent flexible bending center bending is completely automated during the bending process of 0.2 seconds/knife, which greatly reduces the loop of multilateral and multi -bending. It is more than 3 times the speed of the traditional CNC press brake . The more complicated workpieces, the greater the speed advantage.

Traditional CNC press brake require technical workers to hold workpieces for positioning and bending. Each folding edge needs to be re -positioned, and the efficiency is low.

2. Saving labor cost

MYT s intelligent and flexible bending center has low technical requirements for workers. Ordinary workers can go to work after training. They do not need to hire experienced skilled workers. At the same time, the bending process is fully automated, which greatly saves labor and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Traditional CNC bending machines often require multiple people to complete, while MYT Intelligent Flexible Bend Center only needs to place the workpiece to work on the workbench. The equipment automatically completes the positioning.

3. Security

MYT ‘s Intelligent Flexible Bending Center does not need to hold a workpiece. The bending process is fully automated, which greatly reduces the hidden safety hazards caused by errors.

4. Easy to use

MYT Intelligent Flexible Bending Center uses graphic visual programming. Workers only need to enter bending data based on the workpiece. The system automatically generates bending instructions without using code programming. Ordinary workers can master it in 2 hours.

The traditional CNC press brake requires workers to master complex programming skills, and remember the sequence of bending sequence of each folding edge during the bending process. It is difficult and the error rate is high.

5. Consistency

MYT’s intelligent flexible bending center can realize the automatic positioning of the board. The system positioning accuracy can reach 0.001mm. After molding, the product consistency is higher, and it is more suitable for mass production.

The accuracy of traditional CNC press brake is not high, and the size error caused by multiple positioning will be

6. Automation

MYT intelligent flexible bending center reserves rich interfaces to facilitate connecting upstream and downstream production lines. Can connect with the robotic arm to achieve automatic and unprocessed feeding.

With MYT’s self -drive robotic arm, the same control system as MYT Intelligent Flexible Bend Center has higher synergy efficiency; replacement of workpieces does not need to maintain two sets of procedures, just change the bending center program, automatically generate robotic arm procedures, flexible flexibility higher.



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