Disc brush metal deburring machine

  • Model:
    VSD300B-W3S type   VSD300S-M3S type

  • Scope of application:

    1. Widely used in cutting parts, stamping parts, processed parts, polishing, deburring and rounding of metal sheets and profiles;
    2. This equipment can also be used to polish non-metallic plate work pieces, such as plastic, nylon, wood, stone, etc.

Description of main functions and features

  • The equipment has superior structural functions such as stable and durable, energy-saving and efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, convenient operation and maintenance, good quality of processed products, and low cost of use.
  • The equipment has an open structure and can be equipped with optional cleaning and drying equipment and automated loading and unloading equipment to form an automated deburring cleaning and drying production line.
  • Human-machine interface central control system, one-button start and stop; intelligent program control of lifting and lowering, automatic compensation for consumable loss.
  • The dry grinding equipment is equipped with an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner to absorb and collect grinding dust to reduce environmental pollution and protect the health of operators. The water grinding equipment is equipped with a paper belt filter for recycling filtration, energy saving and environmental protection.

Product parameters

Processing range: length, width (10-300mm), thickness (0.2-50mm); the minimum product that can be processed is 10*5mm, and the thinnest thickness can be processed with 0.2mm. Note: Other specifications can be customized.

Conveying method: belt conveying 0-5m/min (variable frequency adjustable) Note: roller conveying method can be customized

Grinding head configuration: Single-station brush disc, multi-station brush disc combination, abrasive belt + brush disc combination and other grinding head configurations can be customized. Users select and customize according to process requirements

Grinding method: Wet grinding and dry grinding can be customized; strong magnetic adsorption, vacuum adsorption, and pressure roller positioning can be customized. Users select and customize according to process requirements

Control system: PLC programming, human-machine interface control; power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire, 380V. 50HZ; servo automatic lifting and positioning, automatic intelligent compensation for consumable loss.

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