Electric Shearing Machine

Electric shearing machine adopts all-steel welding structure, gate-type transmission principle, motor and cycloidal pinwheel reducer integrated, self-brake brake device, chain drive, no shearing, no power consumption, simple structure, easy operation, low energy consumption. Suitable for processing and shearing of 0.1-4 mm steel plates. This machine tool uses 6CrW2Si high alloy tool steel, and the knife edge is durable. 

Product Description

Electric shearing machine is cheaper,durable than mechanical guillotine shearing machine.

Which is widely used with HAVC air duct making machines to complete whole production line . Like Manual folding machine , beading machine , pittsburgh lock forming machine ,  seam closing machine , notching machine and so on . MYT company provide professional machines according to client requirement . Except we manufacture rectangular duct machines , we also produce spiral duct forming machines , such as spiral tubeformer , flexible duct making machine , round duct making machine , pittsburgh lock closer machine . We will provide 24 hours online service . Customer can call us at anytime .

Technical Specifications

Model cutting thickness(mm) cutting width(mm) Backgauge range(mm) Motor(kw) Diemension(mm)
Q11G-3*1000 3 1000 400 4.5 1600*1100*1200
Q11G-3*1300 3 1300 500 4.5 1900*1100*1200
Q11G-3*1600 3 1600 500 4.5 2200*1100*1200
Q11G-3*2000 3 2000 500 5.5 2800*1100*1200
Q11G-4*1300 4 1300 500 5.5 1900*1100*1200

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