Flexible Duct Connector Machine

Product Description

Automatic Flexible Duct Connector Roll Forming Line It is composed of two decoiler, roll forming machine, Poly feeding system and Automatic deecoiler. The two lines for making the duct connector, Line A is for punching the hole, Line B is for connection the cloth and the steel strip The machine used for make Canvas duct connector, Polyester Duct Connector, Fibreglass Duct Connector, Flexible Duct Connector

Basic Configuration

1. Hydraulic punching

2. Automatic hydraulic shearing

3. Main motor: Scheider

4. Encoder: Japan Omron

5. PLC and VFD: Delta

6. Hydraulic tank: Taiwan

7. galvanized sheet iron thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

8. galvanized sheet iron width: 50-150mm

9. Width of the fire protection curtain: 100-300mm

10. Width of the final product: 140-540mm

More Details

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