Full electricity press brake

Electric press brake have the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, energy saving and environmental protection, and low maintenance costs.

Control System Optional

  • CybTouch,RAGOS&RAGOS LT10.1-15″LCD TFT true color display
  • Deflection compensation control
  • Profile-53TL off-line programming software
  • Can be adapted to 4-8 axis control, manual
  • automatic simulation bending procedures
  • Can realize the function of graphic
  • scanning code, 2D/3D graphic display

Fast Clamp

The standard equipped fast clamp will help you replace the top punch in very short time. Convenient and time-saving. Fast intermediate loading and unloading function to improve work efficiency

CNC press brake WC67K Crowning System

Mechanical Crowning

The motorized crowning system will adjust the parallelism and straightness automatically

Schneider Electrical

Our press brake adopt Schneider electrical components. The high quality electric parts can make the machine performing well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the world.

Main Technical Parameters

Nominal pressure80ton60ton40ton35ton25ton
Length of workbench2500mm2000mm1500mm1200mm800mm
Height of workbench940mm900mm900mm900mm700mm
Height of the opening470mm420mm420mm420mm420mm
Throat depth410mm410mm410mm200mm200mm

Travel distance of the pressure


Back and forth movement ange of the rear-fixina device500mm500mm500mm500mm400mm

Rising/descending speed of the

pressure board

Pressing speed of the pressure board10-30mm/s10-30mm/s10-30mm/s10-30mm/s10-30mm/s

Back-and-forth moving speed of

the rear fixing device

Number of machine axis6 axis6 axis6 axis6 axis4 axis
Total power capacity45KVA37KVA20KVA23KVA19KYA
Main motor power13*2KW11*2KW7.5*2KW5.5*2KW7.5KW
Weight of equipment8300kg5500kg3900kg3000kg2000kg
Machine dimension(L/W/H)3240*1400*2665mm2580*1480*2600mm2140*1475*2600mm1840*1375*2400mm1450*1320*2400mm
Total power30.3Kw22.8Kw15,8Kw14.0Kw8.3Kw

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