How many ton press brake do I need?

The choice of the press brake will not only affect the bending effect of the material, but also related to the actual production cost of the equipment. 

Therefore, when buying a bending machine, we still need to consider a variety of factors. 

First of all, it is worth paying attention to every part of the bending machine, and try to choose the press brake machine with the shortest worktable and the smallest tonnage on the premise of meeting the processing task. 

At the same time, the material grade and the maximum machining thickness and length need to be carefully considered. If most of the work is low carbon steel with a thickness of 16 and a maximum length of 3 m, then the free bending force does not have to be more than 50 tons. It is assumed that the thickest material is 1 stroke 4 inches, 10 feet free bending requires 200 tons of bending machine, and bottom die bending requires at least 600 tons. 

If most of the press brake workpieces are 5 feet or less, the tonnage is almost halved, thus greatly reducing the purchase cost. It can be seen that the length of the parts is very important for determining the specifications of the machine. 

Under the same load, the chance of deflection of the worktable and slider of the 10-foot machine will be greatly increased, that is, shorter press brake machines need less gasket adjustment to produce qualified parts, reducing gasket adjustment and shortening preparation time. 

In order to select the press brake machine with the lowest tonnage specification, it is best to plan for a bending radius greater than the thickness of the material, and use the free bending method as much as possible. 

When the bending radius is large, it is often selected on the premise that it does not affect the quality of the finished parts and their future use.

40 Ton Press Brake

63 Ton Press Brake

80 Ton Press Brake

100 Ton Press Brake

125 Ton Press Brake


160 Ton Press Brake

200 Ton Press Brake

250 Ton Press Brake

300 Ton Press Brake

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