How to choose a suitable 3D wire bending machine according to different needs?

What is a 3D wire bending machine?

The 3D wire bending machine, also known as the turn-headed wire forming machine, turns the head to a certain angle by turning the head and then bending it to meet the three-dimensional product needs required by customers. 3D wire bender is used to bend a variety of metal materials including stainless steel, aluminium, scholarly, bronze, cold rolled steel, carbon steel, bronze, nickel, and titanium.

The working principle of the 3D wire bending machine is that the wires are sent to the body through the wire delivery frame, and the lines are directly adjusted, straighten, fed and sent to the machine processing area. After forming, cut off by the servo and complete a product. There are three main processing parameters of wire forming: length (y), corner (B) and bending angle (C).

3D wire bending machine

Introduction to components of 3D wire bending machine

1. Auto Uncoil

Each MYT 3D wire bending machine is equipped with an automatic uncoil which can load 500KG/1000KG material, feeding material automatically can keep high efficiency.

3D wire bending machine-Auto Uncoil

2. Straighten wheels part

The position of the straightened structure is between the feed rack and the feeding wheel. It consists of two groups of direct rolling wheels. Entering the machine is conducive to improving the accuracy of the product.

3D wire bending machine-Straighten wheels part

3. Feeding wheels part

The feeding+rotation feed parts provide motivation for the direct part of the straightening, and on the other hand, it provides a long line material (parameter Y) for the bending moulding part; the rotating part is used to control parameter B during the bending moulding process. The straightener, feed device and wire materials are rotated by the rotation device during the processing process to ensure processing accuracy.

3D wire bending machine-Feeding wheels part

4. Bending part

When the wire material is to the folding angle moulding area, according to the forming parameters set in advance, through the corner composition: folding corners, folding knives, etc to bending wires. The bending forming and bending moulding device is an important part of the system. The system uses a dual-machine working method and is used for different bending radii in processing parts. The moulding method of the head of the machine is rolling, which is the workplace part of the 3D wire bending machine.

During the processing process, the dual-machine head is driven by the same motor, and at the same time rotates in the same direction. One machine is at the processing position, and the other is at the original point position. Under the action of the system, the original machine head returned to the original point position, and the other headed head went up to the working position and started working. Compared with the dual-machine control alone, the structure is simplified and the cost is reduced.

In the process of online moulding, in addition to bending, in order to prevent the processing and interference of three-dimensional parts and prevent part of excessive parts of the part from the action of its own gravity, the work machine is assembled on the working platform. The processing process is used as X, and Y dual coordinates follow, avoiding the processing interference position (such as switching work machines, rotation of parts, etc.), and in the long part of processing parts, it plays a role in the support.

3D wire bending machine-Bending part

5. Cutting part

After the part of the part is completed, the motor drives the cam to cut off the wire, and the feed and bending will be continuously processed.

3D wire bending machine-Cutting part

The application area of the 3D wire bending machine

In the automotive field, it has many applications, such as the manufacture of the end-end unit, single or head and collar, headcare glasses, fuel tank floats, children’s seat hooks, etc. It also has a variety of different applications, including store furniture, hydraulic system, fitness equipment, motorcycles and pedal car accessories, office furniture, hospital furniture, bus and train windows decoration, strollers and strollers.

The wire curved machine supports other OEM manufacturing applications, such as space and air, home appliances, lawn and garden. MYT provide two types of 3D wire bending machine, one is a model for 5 axis turning arm type, and another model is for 7 axis turning head type. It is usually customized for client product drawing, then we suggest a suitable model. It can process wire diameters 2mm-14mm.

How to choose a suitable 3D wire bending machine?

choose a 3D wire bending machine
  1. First of all, it is necessary to understand what the material range of the 3D fully automatic steel wire bending machine is and whether it meets user needs;
  2. Secondly, what speed and accuracy do you expect when producing products? It is necessary to compare the current production capacity of artificial or semi-automated equipment to calculate its input and output, depending on whether it is worth investing;
  3. Thirdly, whether the company’s R&D capability is strong? whether a product can make personalized customization of 3D automatic steel wire bending machine in the short term?
  4. Fourthly,  whether the relevant key configuration of the machine is imported? Generally, the import configuration is highly abrasion-resistant and has a longer service life.
  5. MYT provide 24 hours online service for you. We would like to give your effective solutions to your concerns about before-sale and after-sale problems. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  If you want more detailed information about products, please enter our website:

Sample display

3D wire bending machine-sample display

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