How to Choose the Die of NC Press Brake

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The selection of punch and die  for NC press brake

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The selection of the upper punch should be determined according to the size of the bending force, pay attention to the load of the mold can not exceed the limit, if users choose special moulds should pay special attention to the load of these moulds is not the same as the normal mold. 

It is necessary to correctly select the upper punch of the NC press brake to prevent the upper punch from cracking and injuring when the bending force exceeds the load limit of the upper die. 

The shape of the upper die of the NC press brake has a great influence on the bending forming of the workpiece. The shape of the die must be considered when programming and selecting the mold, and whether it interferes in the forming process of the workpiece. 

When the mold is compiled into the mold library of the numerical control system, the outline dimension of the die should be programmed accurately, and the numerical control system can accurately calculate whether the mold interferes with the workpiece when calculating the bending process automatically. 

According to the many years’ experience of CNC bending machine die manufacturers and the processing experience of sheet metal factory, this formula is usually suitable for precision bending, and for hanging bending and tight bending, the multiple relationship between die groove width and plate thickness can be appropriately reduced.

If the processing plate is aluminum, the width of the die groove of the CNC bending machine V = plate thickness x 6, it can meet the processing requirements, and it also means that when processing aluminum, the material and hardness of the die of the bending machine should be higher than that of the common material die, and the groove R angle should be above 1.5mm, so that the workpiece is less damaged and the indentation is relatively shallow when bending.

If the processing mode is hanging bending, the die groove of the bending machine can be reduced accordingly, this is because the bending mode does not require the upper and lower die forming.

Reducing the width of the groove will correspondingly make the angle of the processed product more beautiful.

The width of the bend notch also determines the size of the R angle at the corner of the workpiece.

The selection of lower die for NC press brake

According to the market requirements, it is summarized that for plate with 0~3mm thickness range, the following formula applies: bending machine die groove width (V) = plate thickness(T) x 6. The die groove width of precision bending can be reduced to 4 times the thickness of sheet metal. for plate with 3~10mm thickness range, the width of the die groove of the plate bending machine = the thickness of the plate x 8. For plates above 10mm, die notch width = thickness x 12

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