How to choose the worktable length and tonnage of the cnc press brake

In fact, the choice of CNC press brake not only affects the bending effect of materials but also affects the actual production cost of equipment. If the selection is improper, the cost may increase. Therefore, when purchasing a CNC press brake, various factors need to be considered.

First of all, it is worth noting that for the various components of the CNC press brake, the model with the shortest workbench and the smallest tonnage should be selected as much as possible under the premise of meeting the processing tasks. At the same time, the brand number of the material and the maximum processing thickness and length must be carefully considered. Most of the work is low carbon steel with a thickness of 16 and a maximum length of 3m, so the free bending force does not need to be greater than 50 tons.

NC Press Brake WC67Y
NC Press Brake WC67Y

When the thickest material is 1/4 inch, a CNC press brake of 200 tons is required for a 10-foot free bend, and at least 600 tons of bottoming die bending is required. When most of the workpieces are 5 feet or shorter, the tonnage is almost halved, and the purchase cost is greatly reduced. The length of the parts is quite important in determining the specifications of the machine.

CNC Press Brake WC67K
CNC Press Brake WC67K

Under the same load, the probability of deflection of the 10-foot workbench and slide increases significantly. That is to say, short machines require less shim adjustment, can produce qualified parts, reduce shim adjustment, and shorten preparation time.

CNC Press Brake WE67K
CNC Press Brake WE67K

In order to choose a CNC press brake with the lowest tonnage specification, it is best to plan to use a bending radius greater than the material thickness and use the free bending method as much as possible. When the bending radius is large, a model is usually selected that does not affect the quality of the finished product and future use.

Determining the required tonnage for your CNC press brake involves considering several factors

Material Type and Thickness

Different materials have different tonnage requirements. Harder materials typically require higher tonnage to achieve proper bending. Additionally, the thickness of the material is an essential factor to consider. Thicker materials require higher tonnage to bend accurately.

Bending Length

The bending length also impacts the required tonnage. Longer bending lengths require higher tonnage to ensure even and consistent bending along the entire length of the material.

Tooling Selection

The tooling system used in the CNC press brake affects the required tonnage. Different tooling setups have varying tonnage requirements. Consider the tooling system you plan to use and select the tonnage accordingly.

By considering these factors and guidelines, you can choose the right worktable length and tonnage for your CNC press brake. Proper selection will ensure efficient and accurate bending operations, leading to high-quality results in your metal fabrication processes.

Importance of Tonnage in CNC Press Brake

The tonnage of a CNC press brake plays a vital role in determining its bending capabilities. Tonnage refers to the force applied to the material during the bending process. It directly affects the machine’s ability to handle different materials and thicknesses.

Material Strength

Different materials have different strengths, and the tonnage required to bend them varies accordingly. It is essential to match the tonnage with the material’s strength to ensure proper bending without causing any damage to the material or the machine.

Bending Capacity

Tonnage determines the maximum thickness of the material that can be effectively bent. If the tonnage is insufficient, the machine may struggle to bend thicker materials, leading to poor results. Understanding the bending capacity required for your projects will help you choose the appropriate tonnage.

Matching Worktable Length and Tonnage

To achieve optimal performance and efficiency in your CNC press brake operations, it is crucial to match the worktable length with the appropriate tonnage. Consider the following guidelines:

Worktable Length and Tonnage Compatibility

Ensure the worktable length and tonnage are compatible with each other. A longer worktable may require higher tonnage to maintain the necessary bending force throughout the entire length. Conversely, a shorter worktable may require lower tonnage for efficient bending.

Consult Manufacturer Guidelines

Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for worktable length and tonnage combinations. Manufacturers have extensive knowledge of their machines and can provide valuable insights to help you make the right selection.

Test and Verify

Perform test runs and verify the bending results when working with different worktable lengths and ton

Factors to Consider When Choosing Worktable Length

Bending Length

The bending length refers to the maximum length of the material that can be bent on the CNC press brake. It is an essential factor to consider when selecting the worktable length. If you frequently work with longer materials, a longer worktable will be necessary to accommodate them without limitations.

Material Thickness

Different materials have varying thicknesses, and this affects the required worktable length. Thicker materials may require a longer worktable to provide sufficient support during the bending process. Consider the maximum thickness of the materials you typically work with and ensure the worktable can handle them effectively.

Bending Accuracy

For precise bending operations, it is crucial to have adequate space on the worktable. A longer worktable provides more room for positioning the material accurately, resulting in higher bending accuracy. Consider the level of precision required for your projects and choose a worktable length that allows for precise bending.

Tooling Compatibility

The tooling used in the CNC press brake also influences the selection of the worktable length. Different tools have varying lengths, and the worktable should be able to accommodate the chosen tooling system. Ensure the worktable length aligns with the tooling you plan to use to avoid any limitations or compatibility issues.

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