How to clean laser cutting machine lenses?

The lens of a laser cutting machine is the core component of the equipment and is crucial to maintaining the laser cutting effect. During use, the lens is easily contaminated by dust, oil, etc., which affects the laser cutting effect. Properly cleaning the lens to ensure its cleanliness is of great significance to improving cutting quality and machine service life.

laser cutting machine lenses

The following are detailed steps for cleaning laser cutting machine lenses:

Step 1 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

1. Turn off the power: Before cleaning the lens, please make sure to turn off the power of the laser cutting machine to prevent accidental injury.

Step 2 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

2. Prepare tools: Prepare a clean soft cloth, cleaning fluid (such as alcohol or special cleaning agent) and compressed air.

Step 3 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

3. Remove the lens: Depending on the type of device and the position of the lens, use a screwdriver and other tools to remove the lens.

Step 4 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

4. Clean the lenses: Put the lenses into a clean container, pour in an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid, and soak for about 10 minutes. During this period, you can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the lens surface to remove stains.

Step 5 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

5. Rinse the lens: Take the lens out of the cleaning solution and rinse it with clean water to avoid residue adhesion.

Step 6 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

6. Blow dry the lens: Use compressed air to dry the moisture on the lens surface to ensure that the lens surface is clean and smooth.

Step 7 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

7. Install the lens: Install the cleaned lens back to the laser cutting machine as it is and tighten the screws.

Step 8 of cleaning laser cutting machine lenses

8. Start-up test: Turn on the laser cutting machine and check whether the lens is installed correctly and whether the cutting effect returns to normal.

Note: When cleaning the lens, do not use sharp tools to scratch the surface of the lens, and avoid using inappropriate cleaning fluid to avoid damaging the lens. Clean the lenses regularly to ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine.

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