How to clean the CNC press brake machine?

In the process of CNC press brake machine processing sheet metal, dirt will inevitably be produced for a long time. The most troublesome thing is that the hydraulic components in CNC press brake are difficult to clean. This article will introduce several cleaning methods for hydraulic components, hoping to help you better use and maintain the machine.

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Cleaning methods for hydraulic components

1. Solvent impregnation cleaning

Solvent impregnation cleaning is to immerse the hydraulic components that need to be cleaned into a cleaning tank with heating equipment (the heating temperature is usually 35-85 centigrade) and add an appropriate amount of cleaning solvent to the water.

At the same time, compressed air or steam is introduced into the cleaning solution to make the cleaning liquid dynamic. The impregnation time is 4-8 hours, and then the hydraulic components that are impregnated and cleaned can be taken out to dry.

2. Spray washing

Spray washing is cleaned by a pressure jet machine, which is suitable for continuous operation in large and medium-sized factories. The prepared heating water solution is sprayed and cleaned by a corrosion-resistant pump under pressure of 0.3mpa.

Generally speaking, the cleaned parts go through three continuous spraying processes: the pre-washing room, the cleaning room and the hot water cleaning and bleaching room. In addition, the airflow produced by compressed air can also be used to blow off the pollutants, in which the pulsating air flow is the best.

3. Tools scrubbing 

Use a soft brush to remove dirt to maintain the accuracy and low roughness of the components. Some tools such as net oil filters are hard so the steel wire brush can sometimes damage the filter element or change the filtration accuracy. 

For high precision. Low roughness hydraulic valve body, using nylon brush with the abrasive ball to clean grinding valve hole end, channel junction and sinking groove and so on. The nylon brush head is made of black nylon filament of 0.3-0.6mm in diameter and M20 green silicon carbide abrasive.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning

When the ultrasonic wave of appropriate power is absorbed into the cleaning solution, the stroke dot-shaped tiny cavity suddenly collapses when the cavity expands to the degree of movement, forming a local vacuum, and the surrounding fluid fills the vacuum at a very high speed. It produces a strong boost and mechanical impact of thousands of atmospheric pressure, peeling off the contaminants on the surface of the parts placed in the cleaning fluid. 

This method has the advantages of short cleaning time, good cleaning quality, and can clean the parts with complex shapes that can not be cleaned manually. Compared with manual work, the efficiency is increased by more than 10 times, and the cost is reduced. However, porous materials such as oil filters can absorb sound waves and may affect the cleaning effect.

5. Heating evaporation cleaning

Some pollutants can be removed by heating to make them volatile, but this method can not be  internal residual carbon, ash and solid attachments in the hydraulic components removed.

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