HVAC Duct Making Machine

MYT HVAC duct machine simplifies manual operation by completing a series of mature technological processes such as leveling, beading, notching, cutting, flange formation, and folding, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. MYT company helps customers to choose the most suitable HVAC duct machines. 

HVAC duct machine simplifies the manual operation by accomplishing a series of mature technical processes such as levelling, crimping, notching, cutting, flange formation and folding, thus significantly improving the production efficiency.

MYT’s top products in the HVAC industry include rectangular duct making machines and spiral duct machines.


Auto Duct Line 3

(It’s mainly for uncoiling.leveling,beading,punching,locking,Because of it’s small space requirement and easy to install and operate the machine can upgrade to”super line 4″)


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machine mainly for automatically lofting and cutting the deformed workpiece.You can select a drawing from the new version of CAM-DUCT and input dimensions and choose a way of connection,then the software will start calculating,composing,jacking and cutting automatically according to your requirements.

This kind of cnc plasma cutting machine is mainly used for HVAC duct manufacturing .


Elbow making machine

Traditionally, round pipes connecting and pressing is finished by handwork. But our MYT company developed and produced elbow forming machine that can connect pipes by machine with perfect efficiency,good seal and stability.


Electric Rolling Machine

Asymmetric electric rolling machine ’s upper roller is hand-adjusted up and down. This kind of rolling machine has a pre-bending function. Bending function is power driven,and the upper roller can be moved to remove the workpiece.


Electric Shearing Machine

Electric shearing machine adopts all-steel welding structure, gate-type transmission principle, motor and cycloidal pinwheel reducer integrated, self-brake brake device, chain drive, no shearing, no power consumption, simple structure, easy operation, low energy consumption. Suitable for processing and shearing of 0.1-4 mm steel plates. This machine tool uses 6CrW2Si high alloy tool steel, and the knife edge is durable. 


Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine

The lock forming machine , also known as the bite sewing machine, the undercutting machine, the air duct biting machine, the air duct skein machine. It is a multifunctional machine, mainly used for bite processing of sheet joints and round duct closed connections. It can meet the bone shape of various shapes of duct manufacturing.


Spiral Duct Machine

Spiral duct forming machine is used for producing HVAC spiral duct. Owing to its excellent performance and low cost, Spiral duct work has been widely promoted in ventilating and air conditioning systems. It features low wind resistance, high effect, fine rigidity, and convenient installation, thus adapts to the application for large duct work locations.


TDC Flange Forming Machine

(TDC Flanger also called flange former,flange forming machine )

TDC flange is one of the most widely used duct flanges in the world. It has the characteristics of time saving, material saving, high work efficiency, good sealing, sturdy and durable, and strong connection.


TDF Flange Forming Machine

(Flange forming machine is a main equipment for TDF flange forming, especially for large-scale, standardized And automatic production. TDF common plate flange system, not only produces common plate flange machine, but also produces corresponding matching flange connection corner code T-12DC and T-15DC )


TDF Folding Machine

Pneumatic TDF folding machine takes the 4-cylinder pneumatic system as the power source, two cylinders are used for bending when the other two are used for pressing, working stably without power makes the machine a piece of efficient ideal equipment, and our company can customize general type according to the customer requirements


Flexible Duct Connector Machine


Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine

The aluminum flexible duct machine is mainly used to produce the flexible air duct from the aluminum strip by spiral forming with polyurethane glue. The material can be a plastic film, PVC material also. And the wire reinforcement can be optional for the inner core duct and outer jacket duct separately.


U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line

(U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line is mainly for TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange forming with the daily processing capability of 600-2000 square meters. Only with inputting dimensions in duct, the production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling, beading, punching, shearing, locking, forming TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange and folding )

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