Open Type Tube Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

For metal processing industry, MYT developed a special type of multifunctional open type tube plate fiber laser cutting machine–MY1530C, and obtained the national inventive patent of this machine. This type is mainly for plate cutting and partly for tube cutting.

Fiber Laser source

  • The highest market share in market proves its superior and stable performance.
  • Cost-effective
  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • Output fiber length can be customized
  • QBH/QD connector
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Wide modulation frequency range
  • Small size, easy to install

Laser Cutting Head ( Auto focus BM110FC)

  • Recognized as the most professional laser cutting head manufacturerin China
  • Modular can bemaintained easily.
  • Dual water cooling circuits.
  • Auto focus to reduce human intervention and improve piercing and cutting efficiency.
  • 3 Cover glasses (top, middle and bottom) to protect collimation & focus lens.



Cypcut for metal sheet cutting  

 TubePro tube cutting software (hereinafter referred to as TubePro) is a professional cutting software for processing various types of tubes.

Front Chuck

  • Full stroke design: when change pipe from φ20 to φ220mm, no need manual adjustment of the chuck, reducing manual time occupation;
  • Pneumatic clamping: pneumatic control, self-centering clamping, to ensure that it can be clamped but not flattened;
  • Short tailings: the tailings are as short as 90mm, saving material costs and improving processing efficiency;
  • Standard automatic nylon support, no wear of pipe, ensure straightness of pipe when cutting pipe, improve cutting accuracy.
  • Gear transmission, good rigidity and high transmission accuracy

Rear Chuck

  • The jaw is designed to be clamped and supported. The chuck rotates the bearing. The jaw connection mechanism has good sealing and strong anti-pollution ability.
  • Integrated flange treatment, good rust resistance
  • The chuck support base has high strength and better stability
  • This chuck is with hollow design, which is available for put exhaust column in the rear chuck, when machine cutting the last piece which is near the rear chuck, it can blower the cutting slags to protect the rear chuck by avoiding the slag drop  into

Open Type Tube Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Detail Display

Machine Base

There are 18 smoke exhaust holes on the central axis of the machine base, which runs through the whole base, so that no matter which part of the machine the laser head works in, the smoke generated during cutting can be discharged in time.

Metal tube Welding strengthen structure Machine Base

The machine base adopts a superposed-welded one-piece machine body, which is treated to eliminate internal stress after annealing. After rough machining, vibration aging is performed before finishing, which greatly improves the rigidity and stability of the machine bed and ensures the cutting accuracy.

Rack Transmission

High-precision Taiwan brand rack transmission, faster transmission speed, wear resistance and longer service life

Linear Guide Rail

Taiwan linear guide rail

Our maximum accuracy error of guide rail installation is 0.05mm

Optional Laser Source

IPG Source

Max Source

Raycus Source

Technical Specifications

1Working area3000×1500mm
2Tube DiameterΦ12-φ220,L=6000;(Square and rectangle tube diagonal≤200mm)mm
3X-axis travel2350mm
4Y-axis travel3050mm
5Z-axis travel240mm
6X,Y positioning accuracy±0.05/1000mmmm
7X,Y repeat positioning accuracy±0.03/1000mm 
9Max running speed80m/min
10Rear chuck max rotating speed100rpm
11Tailing length≥90(will have little difference according to different tubes)mm
12Table max load900kg
13Machine size (length x width x height )7600×3500×1700(include rotary )mm
14Laser powerOptional w
15Control systemcypcut 
16Total power14Kw
17Machine voltageOptional 

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