Rolling Machine

The plate bending machine is divided into two rolls plate bending machine, three-rolls plate bending machine and four-rolls plate bending machine according to the number of rolls: according to the arrangement of work rolls, it can be divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical types.

From 3 and 4 rollers to the profile bending machine, MYT is your source for the most durable and accurate rolling machines for sale on the market today.

3 and 4 roll plate bender mechanism allows for fast and efficient production of thick to medium plates, as well as stainless steel and other difficult-to-roll materials.


3 Roller Rolling Machine

Mechanical type

Capacity:4mm-80mm , length 1600mm-6000mm

CNC system optional


4 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Capacity:4mm-80mm , length 1600mm-6000mm

Hydraulic system  

CNC system standard

Roller material : 42crmo


Profile Bending Machine

Function for round pipe / square pipe / Channel/ L shape

CNC control system

Hydraulic pump and system

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