Press Brake: How To Choose The Right Control System?

With the improvement of industrial automation, more manufacturers purchase CNC press brakes, CNC shearing machines and other sheet metal equipment with automatic intelligent CNC control systems. Different CNC systems are suitable for production of products with different standards, and the price differs greatly.

Therefore, for manufacturers, the right choice of CNC control system can significantly improve production efficiency.

press brake with CNC system
press brake with CNC system
press brake with NC system
press brake with NC system

CNC control systems can be divided into digital control (NC-Numerical Control) and computer numerical control (CNC-Computer Number Control). In the press brake CNC system, digital control generally means that the manufacturer has programmed the system when it is produced, and the purchaser cannot modify the program coded into it.

CNC control means that the purchaser can edit the program himself according to the actual operating requirements before bending, and can make any changes to the program. Compared with NC control system, CNC control system provides great convenience. In short, NC digital control system is the initial generation of CNC system, while CNC control system is the upgraded version. Thus, it has more advantages.

CNC Control System VS NC Control System

  • Easy to operate

The CNC system is based on a computer operating system, which is easy to operate. In addition, the control system is simple to learn, and workers can quickly get on the job.

The NC control system requires higher requirements for the operator, which needs workers to understand each function of the machine and operate the machine in an accurate way.

  • Powerful storage function

In the CNC press brake control system, it can be programmed several times, and the system has a storage function. The larger the storage capacity, the more programs the machine can store. Take the ESA CNC press brake S500 series as an example, 20GB of hard disk space can store at least two million programs, 256M USB flash drive can store at least 50,000 programs.

Each program can contain several hundred bending steps. If a manufacturer needs to bend various sizes of workpieces or make complex processes, it is better to choose a digital control system, so that batch production can be completed in the shortest possible time. NC control system does not have a storage function.

  • High quality workpieces

Press brake with CNC control systems produces better quality and more accurate workpieces than those with NC control systems.

  • Improve productivity

The convenient operating system of the CNC system allows workers to operate in less time and it works around the clock.

In comparison, there are more advantages of press brakes with CNC control system. However, CNC control systems are more expensive. In terms of production efficiency, the value of CNC control system is much higher than that of the NC one. 

Moreover, as the global market becomes increasingly competitive, exotic workpieces are emerging, which require machines that can produce workpieces with high efficiency, high precision and high standards to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Therefore, the advantages of CNC bending machines are becoming evident, as they are able to meet the changing market demands – a trend for the future.

Tips For Choosing Press Brake Control System

With the development of press brakes in recent years, there are various kinds of systems on the market, such as Germany’s Cybelec series, the Netherlands’ Delem series, Italy’s ESA series, Hong Kong’s MD series, Nanjing’s Estun series, etc.


So how to choose the right control system? This may be a difficult task for many customers. But it can be much simpler to just follow the tips below.

The system should be easy to operate-Imagine if the workers have problems with the operation of the system, how can the system perform its due efficiency and precision? So an excellent CNC system must be simple to operate and easy to learn.

The system should be stable-Stability is also an important consideration when choosing a press brake control system. If the system is not stable, it is likely to delay production.

We need to check the experience and reputation of a press brake control system manufacturer, and whether its product is mature. If a product has not been tested and affirmed by the market, then it is bound to have many problems.

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