Removal of slag, deburring and rounding of front and back sides

  • Model
    3VSR66OMS-W2S model   VSRB1060MS-3WB model   VSRS1360MS-BTW5S model
  • Scope of application:
    Flame (plasma) cutting of medium-thick steel plate and metal plate work piece to remove slag, deburr, and round corners.

Description of main functions and features

  • The steel shaft of the steel shaft belt (edition/disc) station has an elastic structure, flexibly fits the end face of the work piece and runs at high speed, knocking and cutting the slag, causing the slag to break and fall off; compared with the traditional belt grinding method, the slag is removed more thoroughly It is clean, uses less than one-tenth of the cost of consumables, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the abrasive belt fits the end face of the work piece through the elastic pressure wheel and runs at high speed to remove quick burrs, and the abrasive belt flexibly contacts the work piece to reduce belt loss.
  • The abrasive block is made of flexible material and can be flexibly attached to the end face of the work piece and rotate at high speed to cut the sharp edges of the work piece. The soft abrasive block can extend into the grooves and holes of the work piece to remove under burrs and round corners.

Product parameters

3VSR66OMS-W2S model

  • Two-station combination structure.
  • Flexible steel spokes at the 1st station, 1 set of flexible abrasive belts at the 2nd station
  • Processing width ≤ 650mm, minimum processing 100*20mm
  • Belt conveyor, speed 0-5m/min frequency converter adjustable
  • Total power 16.5KW (inclusive) Vacuum cleaner)
  • Total weight 2.5T
  • Appearance size L280*W310*H230cm.

VSRB1060MS-3WB model

  • Three-station combination structure. The first station brushes the upper steel shaft of the conveyor belt to remove cutting slag from the upper surface of the steel plate.
  • The second station uses a set of flexible abrasive belts to remove flanging burrs from the upper surface of the steel plate.
  • The third station uses a set of abrasive belts to remove burrs from the upper surface of the steel plate. End face sharp angle grinding and friction rounding;
  • Belt conveyor, conveying speed 1-5m/min frequency conversion adjustable; total power 28kw, total weight 3.5T, length, width and height 2800m m*1800*2200m m; maximum processing width 1050mm, minimum Processing 100*50mm, the machine can be customized with a maximum width of 2500mm.

VSRS1360MS-BTW5S model

  • Five-station combination. The steel shaft belt under the conveyor wheel at the first station removes cutting slag from the lower end face of the steel plate.
  • Two sets of flexible abrasive belts are distributed at the upper and lower parts of the conveyor at the second and third stations to remove burrs from the front and back end faces of the steel plate.
  • The third and fourth stations Two sets of abrasive belts are distributed on the upper and lower parts of the conveyor spokes, grinding and friction rounding the acute angles of the upper and lower end surfaces of the steel plate;
  • mixed tube conveying; total power 39kw, total weight 6.5T, length, width and height 2.8M*2M*2.3m; maximum processing width 1350m m, the minimum processing is 200*100mm, and the maximum width of 2500mm can be customized

General technology and parameters

  • control system (human-machine interface, PLC programming control, one-button start and stop equipment);
  • grinding head speed (500-1000R/min), conveying speed (1-5m/min frequency conversion adjustable);
  • power supply voltage ( Three-phase five-wire, 380V, 50Hz);
  • the grinding head automatically lifts and lowers to position the work piece thickness, automatically compensates for abrasive loss, and the positioning thickness is adjustable from 0 to 80mm.

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