Review Of The Best Press Brake Manufacturers in 2022

With the advancement of industrial technology, industrial press brakes have flourished and a great number of press brake manufacturers have emerged in the world. Most buyers want to know which press brake manufacturers are better, but few choose to buy the best bending machines. The reason is simple: they are very expensive!

Thus, we have listed some popular press brake machine manufacturers. Their CNC press brakes are cheap, fully functional and ideal for purchase and use! Those who have a need to buy can take a look.

Press brakes have a wide range of applications in many end-user industries, including automotive, aerospace, general machinery, transportation, aviation, mechanical, and construction.

The major factor driving the growth of the global press brake market is the rising demand for metal products. Metal products are extensively used in the automotive industry, stamped metal products, transportation machinery, construction machinery, ammunition, cutlery and utensils, construction products, small arms, fasteners, and other metal-based hardware. 

The Best Press Brake Manufacturers


Location: Japan

Year Founded: 1946

Products: press brake, laser cutting machine, plate punching, bending, shearing machine, and other sheet metal processing machine

Amada is an established press brake manufacturer with a long history. It was founded in 1946 in Japan. It offers sheet metal machines, laser cutting machines, grinding machines, punch presses and precision welding machines.

Apart from these main products, Amada also provides software, tools and other ancillary products and services. Amanda is constantly developing new technologies and providing solutions to customers according to their needs and market changes. Amada’s products have a comprehensive and rational mechanical structure. It can provide users with the best quality assurance.


Location: Canada

Year Founded: 1973

Products: press brake, shearing machine, turret punching machine, tooling

Accurpress is a specialized manufacturer of CNC machine tools, established in Canada in 1973. It manufactures press brake machines, shears, tools and other peripheral products.

Accurpress specializes in large tonnage, tandem bending machines and robotic automation. Accurpress is known for its high build quality and advanced technology. With over 45 years in the marketplace, Accurpress continues to build on its tested history to manufacture an innovative and complete line of press brakes and shears for every bending and shearing application.


Location: Germany

Year Founded: 1923

Products: press brake, laser cutting machine, punching machine

TRUMPF Group was established in 1923 in Germany. TRUMPF Inc. is the North American subsidiary of TRUMPF GmbH + Co.KG. The group has two divisions: Machine Tools / Power Tools and Laser Technology / Power Supplies.

It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sheet metal processing machinery, industrial lasers and electronic products for industrial applications. Trumpf is leading the way in technological development with continuous innovation. Trumpf is setting new technical standards and is committed to developing and updating more products for a wide range of users.


Location: United States

Year Founded: late 1890’s

Products: press brake, laser cutting machine, shearing machine

Cincinnati is a professional manufacturer of metal manufacturing equipment with a long history. Its product’s scope is wide, including press brake, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

Its drive is evident in the design of our machines, controls and software. Cincinnati developed the first linear-motor-driven laser cutting systems and still produces its own linear motors, controls and software – unique in the industry.

MYT CNC Machine Co., Ltd

Location: China

Year Founded: 2004

Products: CNC press brakes, fibre laser cutting machines, wire forming machines, shearing machines, punching machines and HVAC duct making machines

Suzhou MYT CNC Machine Co., Ltd is located in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province and has a branch company in Shanghai named MYT (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. MYT is mainly engaged in the production and R&D of CNC press brakes, fibre laser cutting machines, wire forming machines and HVAC duct making machines.

MYT machines with the most advanced technology are shipped to various markets around the world and have won consistent praise from customers. MYT always takes technological innovation as its core development driving force. After years of rapid development, MYT has built up a strong team to sell all the machines globally, aiming to be the world’s top company in the sheet metal bending and cutting industry.


The press brake manufacturers featured in this article are world-renowned companies. If you have enough budget, you can choose the right one from these manufacturers.

Of course, there are many other press brake machine manufacturers that are worthy of further exploration by users.

With 18 years of experience in bending machine manufacturing, I believe we can be one of the best choices for you to buy a good bending machine that suits your needs. You can contact us right away to get our professional advice based on your actual usage.

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