Hydraulic Shearing Machine

MYT offers a range of high quality, high output metal shears for you to choose from. With our well-designed line of hydraulic sheet metal shearing machines, all possible sheet and plate cutting jobs and requirements can be well met.

Shearing is a great way to cut metal without relying on lasers, combustion or melting. It makes the use of sheet metal shears a highly convenient tool for metal processing, especially for cutting sheet metal and plate.

MYT is a manufacturer of high-quality sheet metal processing machines (including hydraulic shears), with over eighteen years of experience, its metal fabrication equipment has been widely acclaimed.


Guillotine Shearing Machine

Control system : E21/DA41T/P40/DAC360

Capacity : 1-30 mm (optional)

Cutting length 1600-10000mm (optional)

Cutting blades four sides

Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Control system : E21/DA41T/P40/DAC360

Capacity : 1-30mm (optional)

Cutting length 1600-10000mm (optional)

Cutting blades two sides

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