How To Solve The Deformation Problem That Occurs When Bending with A Simple CNC Press Brake?

This article will introduce the causes of deformation and the methods to prevent deformation when using simple CNC press brake.

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What are the causes of deformation when using a simple CNC press brake?

Deformation in a material during CNC bending can be influenced by various factors, including material properties, tooling, and machine settings. Let’s learn about the key contributors to deformation so that we can better solve the problem of deformation:

1. Material properties

Different materials exhibit varying degrees of elasticity and plasticity. Softer materials may deform more easily during bending.

Thicker materials tend to require greater force during bending, which can result in higher degrees of deformation.

2. Simple CNC press brake tooling

Mold Selection: The selection of the mold or tool used in the bending process is crucial. The radius of the mold will affect the amount of deformation. Larger radii tend to produce smaller deformations.

Mold wear: Worn or damaged molds can cause uneven bending forces and lead to deformation. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn tools is essential.

3. Simple CNC press brake setup

Bending Force: Setting the proper bending force is critical. Too much force may overstretch and deform the material, while too little force may result in incomplete bending.

Bending angle: An incorrectly set bending angle may cause unwanted deformation. Precise control of the bending angle is critical to achieving the desired shape without excessive deformation.

Backgauge Location: The location of the backgauge supports the material during bending and should be set accurately to ensure consistent bending and minimize deformation.

4. Material support

Backgauge Design: The backgauge plays an important role in the design and effectiveness of the support material during the bending process. Proper support helps prevent materials from slipping and deforming.

Tool Alignment: Tool misalignment can cause uneven bending forces and lead to material deformation. Ensuring proper alignment is critical.

5. Material temperature

Some materials are sensitive to temperature changes. Extreme temperatures can change material properties, affecting its behavior during bending. Maintaining consistent temperatures in a production environment is very important.

6. Operator skills and experience

The skill and experience of CNC press brake operator affects the quality of the bend. An experienced operator can make adjustments and identify problems that may be causing distortion.

7. Material pretreatment

In some cases, pretreating the material by annealing (heating and slow cooling) can reduce internal stresses and improve the formability of the material, thereby reducing the likelihood of deformation.

How to prevent the workpiece from deforming when bending with a simple CNC press brake?

In view of the deformation problems that occur during the bending process of simple CNC press brake, the following precautions will be introduced below:

1. Choose the appropriate mold

The mold is a very critical component in the CNC press brake. For different types of bending parts, bending molds of corresponding shapes and materials should be selected to improve the bending quality. If the mold is not suitable for the workpiece, it will cause the metal material to deform during bending.

2. Adjust the bending angle

One reason why metal materials deform during bending is that the bending angle is incorrect. The bending angle refers to the angle formed by the workpiece during the bending process. If the bending angle is too large or too small, it will cause the metal material to deform. Therefore, when using a press brake, the bending angle needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the workpiece.

3. Strengthen process control

During the bending process, strictly control the operating speed and pressure of the press brake to avoid material deformation due to speed and pressure fluctuations. At the same time, ensure the accuracy and quality of the bending mold to reduce wear and deformation.

4. Ensure material quality

Use high-quality metal materials and ensure that their specifications, thickness and hardness meet the bending requirements. Using materials with consistent properties reduces the risk of the material deforming during the bending process.

5. Use pre-bending process

For thicker or harder materials, pre-bending process can be used. Pre-bending the material at a small angle can minimize material springback and deformation during the final bending process.

6. Strengthen equipment maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain the press brake, including the hydraulic system, bending tools, and back gauge. Address any signs of wear, dislocation, or damage immediately. Ensure stable operation of equipment and reduce deformation problems caused by equipment failure.

Make sure moving parts are properly lubricated to reduce friction and prevent premature wear. Change or maintain hydraulic fluid regularly according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

7. Training operators

Provide operators with comprehensive training on the use of CNC press brakes. This includes correct setup, tool selection, and compliance with bending parameters. Skilled operators are better able to identify and resolve problems during the bending process.

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