TDC Flange Forming Machine China Manufacturer

TDC Flange Forming Machine China Manufacturer

(TDC Flanger also called flange former,flange forming machine )

TDC flange is one of the most widely used duct flanges in the world. It has the characteristics of time saving, material saving, high work efficiency, good sealing, sturdy and durable, and strong connection.

Product Description

TDC flange forming machine is especially suitable for ducts with a large cross-section of ventilation ducts. The TDC flange forming machine is mainly composed of a feeding frame, a cold rolling forming main body and a cutting part. It is equipped with a high speed steel circular saw blade non-stop cutting system. Can be cut to length. The burr is small and can be fully automated. Its working speed is 6 meters / minute. According to its working performance and flange strength and sealing grade, it can be divided into five types: T-20, T-25, T-30, T-35, T-40, and the corresponding connection angle model is T-20DC, T- 25DC, T-30DC, T-30DC and T-40DC.

Technical Specifications

TypeRolls ShapeEdge wideCapacityMotorWeightDimension
TDC-30A 120mm1.0mm3kw2200kg3000×600×1150mm
TDC-35A 131mm1.0mm3kw3000kg3200×600×1200mm
TDC-40A 141mm1.2mm4kw3000kg3200×600×1200mm

More Details

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