TDF Flange Forming Machine China Manufacturer

TDF Flange Forming Machine China Manufacturer

(Flange forming machine is a main equipment for TDF flange forming, especially for large-scale, standardized And automatic production. TDF common plate flange system, not only produces common plate flange machine, but also produces corresponding matching flange connection corner code T-12DC and T-15DC )

Product Description

TDF flange forming machine is a special equipment for flange forming on the connection port of the duct itself. The common plate flange system is one of the largest systems for the production of flanges in the world. It has the characteristics of low cost, good sealing performance and simple and convenient installation. It is especially suitable for the production of ducts with small cross-sectional area. The common plate flange system can be used for scale industrial production and is a high efficiency duct flange system. With good rigidity and stability, the shape of the motion molding is beautiful and flat. Combined with beading machine , shearing machine, TDF flange folding machine, etc., it can form a simple automatic air duct production line with strict structure and good performance, saving cost and reducing expenses for customers. best choice.

       The TDF flange forming machine is divided into three types according to the working performance: TDF-12, TDF-15 and two-machine linkage common plate flange forming machine 2-TDF-12, TDF-12, TDF-15 one side station forming The L flange shape, the other side station forming clip shape, the double machine linkage flange forming, the two sides of the work station are simultaneously L-shaped, the formed flange has good quality, high efficiency, and the width can be Adjust between 300-1530mm. The machine uses thrust ball bearings to minimize wear and drag.

Technical Specifications

Model Motor(KW) Capacity (mm) Shape “a”size (mm) Weight (kg) Dimension size (L.W.H)
T-12 3 0.5-1.2 35±5 1200 2700*730*1100
T-15 4 0.6-1.5 35±5 1400 2700*730*1100

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