The Chinese development history and current situation of press brake

Today’s CNC press brake, in the application of CNC system, CAD and CAPP and flexibility is developing rapidly, CNC press brake has an extremely important role and unlimited development prospects in the forming and processing of modern sheet metal parts.

In the face of the new situation of the machine tool industry in 2018, it is believed that CNC press brakes will definitely get better development, better for manufacturers to improve production efficiency, and promote the progress of the machine tool industry.

Press brake is now the necessary configuration of industrial manufacturing, but also one of the necessary configuration, while with high precision, high speed, compounding, with a variety of compensation achievements, new control results, automatic diagnosis.

In the press brake machine tool industry, informatization and networking is an affirmative trend, but also the fundamental of intelligence, each achievement of components for the quality and performance of the whole machine is crucial.

In recent years, with network and sensing technology developing, press brake machine tools are increasingly used in mass production. With small product market capacity, competitors are more and more. Now China consumes about 60,000 sets of medium and high press brake machine tools every year, the amount is about 6 billion yuan, and imports account for about 85% of the total.

Now the domestic production of press brake machine tools can be roughly divided into economic press brake, universal press brake, advanced press brake. Economic press brakes are basically open-loop control.

For advanced press brake, domestic products can only account for about 2%, China’s press brake output and output value numerical control rate from 11%, 27% in 2004 to 34.6%, 54.7% in 2013, the output value numerical control rate is about 80%, so the growth of China’s press brake has another great potential. It is characterized by high skill requirements, fast product upgrading, large investment density, strong product comprehensiveness, the purpose of the use of press brake is to greatly increase the scope of utilization, according to acquaintance, press brake industry is a high-skill industry.

The performance development trend of CNC press brake machine in China is reflected in these places, let’s take a look at the specifics.

  • High precision, high speed and high efficiency

Efficiency and quality are the key performance indicators of advanced manufacturing technology. If the use of high-speed CPU chip, RISC chip, multi-CPU control system, high-resolution detection element, AC digital servo system, supporting electric spindle, linear motor and other technologies can greatly improve efficiency, improve product quality and grade, shorten the production cycle and improve market competitiveness. In the next few years, ultra-precision CNC press brake punching machine is developing to precision, high speed, intelligence and nano, and a new generation of CNC press brake machine tools are converging.

  • Multi-axis

Multi-axis linkage machining, after the parts are clamped on a CNC bending machine tool, automatic tool change, rotating spindle head, rotating table and other operations can be carried out to complete multi-process, multi-surface composite processing, not only high finish, but also greatly improved efficiency.

  • Open software and hardware

Users can develop the CNC press brake system software according to their own needs, and the user’s scope of use is no longer limited by the manufacturer.

  • Flexibility

The CNC press brake system adopts a new generation of modular design, with wider functional coverage and stronger reliability, which can meet the needs of different users. The same group control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different production processes, and give full play to the function of the group control system.

  • Intelligence

The development trend of CNC press brake in China is reflected in these places, in the field of CNC press brake technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control is developing along the following aspects: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feed-forward control, etc. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system fails, diagnosis, maintenance, etc. to achieve intelligence.

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