The spiral duct machine-what you need to know

By the year 2000, according to statistics, spiral ducts have been used in office buildings, shopping malls and subways in the United States, and spiral ducts have been used in central air conditioning in some residential buildings.  The spiral duct machine has been a hot point in the industry.

Over the years, the company is committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets, using online Internet e-commerce platform and offline entity sales to go hand in hand. 

The spiral duct machine saves materials very much when it is used; it is easy to install, occupies a small space position, and the installation cost is low. 

In addition to what you see, the overall layout of its installation is aesthetic and in High-end grade. And its daily maintenance and cleaning is convenient.

spiral duct machine
spiral duct machine

What are the operation rules for the spiral duct production line? 

1. The machine should be operated by the designated personnel, and the operators should not be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine. 

2. Every shift regularly checks whether the pipe fittings and other parts are loose and whether there is oil leakage. 

3. Before starting the machine, check whether there are any foreign materials in the punching and shearing die and the cutting edge of the shearing board, and confirm that it is correct before testing the machine. 

4. Before starting the spiral duct machine, check whether the fastening solids of all parts of the machine are loose or not, so as to eliminate all worries. 

5. If you encounter special operation or special noise in your work, you should stop and check immediately. After troubleshooting, you can operate. 

6. Before starting the hydraulic oil pump, add N46 hydraulic oil to ensure that the oil level is above 3×4 of the liquid level gauge [about 75L]. 

After the operating oil level of the system drops, the hydraulic oil should be added to the oil level marking line again. 

7. Before starting the hydraulic oil pump, adjust the pressure of the relief valve to turn the handwheel counterclockwise and start the motor to see if the motor rotates in the right direction. Do not let the oil pump reverse. 

If there is no special phenomenon after a few minutes of no-load test run, the step-up test can be carried out step by step.

What are the basic configurations of the fully automatic duct production line? 

1. Four electric racks and four rolling pallets (capable of bearing 5-7 tons). 

2. Leveling, pressing bar, punching, adding die, hydraulic shearing machine (air duct second-line main engine). 

3. Displacement occlusal machine. 

4. An electric feeding platform. 

5. Double connecting rod common plate flange forming machine. 

6. A double linkage angle steel flange forming machine. 

7. Computer control system and production software set. 

8. A full set of accessories for other machines and equipment

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