U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line

(U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line is mainly for TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange forming with the daily processing capability of 600-2000 square meters. Only with inputting dimensions in duct, the production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling, beading, punching, shearing, locking, forming TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange and folding )

U shaped auto duct production line mainly includes complete the straight ducts for TDF flange, angle steel flange and drive cleat forming, the processing capacity is 800-2500 square meters per day. just enter the size of the ducts you need to process, then the U shaped auto duct line will complete the uncoiling, leveling, beading, notching and punching, Pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming, angle steel flange forming, drive cleat forming, folding and shaping, optional 8 tons or 10tons hydraulic decoiler.

Product Description

Main Import Configuration

  • MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter
  • Taiwan High Temperature Resistant Tubing

Basic Equipment

  1. An electric integrated decoiler, includes 4pcs of 7 tons coils(optional 8tons or 10tons of hydraulic decoiler)
  2. A support frame
  3. A main machine
  4. No.1 conveying platform
  5. Lock forming machine(Pittsburgh lock platform)
  6. No.2 conveying platform
  7. Duplex TDF flange forming machine
  8. Duplex angle steel flange forming
  9. servo feeding and folding
  10. Control system

Technical Specifications

Model No. Max Coil Width Thickness Range Speed Power    dimensions Diagonal Tolerance Weight
ADL-U V-1300 1300mm 0.4-1.2mm 0-18m/min 30kw 12000*5500*1500 ±0.5mm 13ton
ADL-U V-1500 1500mm 0.4-1.2mm 0-18m/min 30kw 12000*6300*1500 ±0.5mm 14ton

Working Schematic Diagram

More Details

U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line China Manufacturer Video

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