Universal grinding wheel deburring and rounding

  • Model
    VSA300 type VSA860 type VSA1060 type
  • Scope of application
    Laser (flame) cutting, stamping, and tailoring of metal and non-metallic plates, all-round deburring, slag removal, and corner rounding without dead ends; metal plate surface grinding, wire drawing, rust removal, and scale processing.

Description of main functions and features

  • Single grinding wheel structure machine: Adjacent grinding wheels rotate at high speed in forward and reverse directions, and the entire combination rotates at low speed and moves left and right. Through grinding, brushing, sweeping, filing and other actions, the residual burrs of the workpiece are removed and rounded in all directions. Replace consumables with different mesh numbers to obtain different surface process requirements, adjust different pressing amounts to obtain different cutting amount processes, surface roughness R angle 0.5-2.5, R angle 0.2-1.5, cutting amount 1-20um, and the accuracy is adjustable and controllable.
  • The combined version equipment is composed of abrasive belt + abrasive wheel. The abrasive belt rotates at high speed and moves quickly, grinding the surface of the work piece to remove large flange burrs and slag to make the surface of the work piece smooth, and then use the grinding wheel grinding head to remove the sharp edge and round the corners.
  • The grinding head of the grinding wheel is made of soft material and can be extended into the grooves and holes of the work piece to remove inverted burrs without affecting the surface accuracy of the work piece. For plates with film on the surface, only the edge burrs of the holes are removed without damaging the surface film.

Product parameters

Equipment specifications and processing range: 

VSA1360 processing width ≤ 1350mm.

VSA1060 processing width ≤ 1050mm,

VSA860 processing width ≤ 850mm,

VSA300V-2SP processing width ≤ 200mm;

minimum processing length, width or diameter 30*50mm. Processing thickness 0.5-50mm ;Conveying speed 0-5m/min frequency converter adjustable;

Grinding head speed: 500-180OR/min,

power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire, 380V, 50HZ;

Rated power: 15-35KW;

Total weight (approx.): 1-6T;

Appearance size (length, width and height): 2500-3500mm*1200-1800mm*1500-2300mm

Control system: human-machine interface, PLC programming control, one-button start and stop equipment; power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire, 380V, 50HZ;

The equipment supports customization: the abrasive belt + grinding wheel combination machine can be customized, vacuum adsorption or strong magnetic adsorption can be customized, and the drum conveying can be customized.

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