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MYT as a professional manufacturer , provide different types of press brake including NC press brake , CNC press brake , Electro-hydraulic press brake equipped with different system like Delem , Estun , ESA and so on .

As a leading CNC press brake machine manufacturer in China, MYT pursues advanced technology and comprehensive service to our customers. We look forward to bringing you advanced, economical, reliable and convenient bending machines so that you can have a great experience with MYT and our sheet metal processing machines.

NC press brake WC67Y

NC Press Brake WC67Y

  • Optional NC system E21/ E200P/E300P
  • Tosion Bar Structure , include the Y and X axis , AC  motor control
  • Manual worktable crowing optional
  • Semi-auto manual operation
  • All keys on the panel are micro-switches
  • Capacity 30Ton-600T

CNC Press Brake WC67K

  • Optional economical CNC system DA41T/CT8/T10S
  • Bending angle input
  • Tosion Bar Structure ,optional R axis and auto crowing system
  • Auto CNC operation
  • Servo motor control for high bending accuracy
  • Capacity 30Ton-600T

CNC Press Brake WE67K

  • Optional CNC system DA52S /DA53T/DA58T/DA69T/ CT8/CT12
  • 2D/3D graphical Touch system optinal
  • Bending angle input
  •  Y1 Y1 cylinder and X axis , R axis ,  optional Z1 Z2  axis  and auto crowing system
  • Auto CNC operation
  • Servo motor control for high bending accuracy
  • Higher bending efficiency, and the bending times are increased by at least 30% in the same bending time.
Pan brake folder

Pan Brake Folder

  • Model 2000/2500/3070mm 
  • Heavy duty steel fabricated construction
  • Segmented upper tools
  • Standard NC control system , CNC is optional
  • Optional backgauge
  • Extended fingers bending boxes to a depth of 205mm

CNC Folding Machine

  • Changeable segment
  • Dual action foot control
  • Display for entering bending angle
  • Changeable insert bar
  • Changeable angle bar
  • Optional auto backgaue 800mm

CNC Panel Bender

  • Optional size : 1400mm/2000mm/2500mm
  • Industry 4.0 architecture,
  • The workpiece is rapidly formed and the consistency is high;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Simple daily maintenance and low cost;
  • High degree of automation, simple operation, low labor requirements;
  • No need to make molds, complex shapes (upper or lower right angle, non-right angle etc.)
  • Wide range of applicable materials, mainly stainless steel, cold-rolled sheet, aluminum sheet;

Full Electricity Press Brake

Electric press brake have the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, energy saving and environmental protection, and low maintenance costs.

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Buyer guidance

How to determine which press brake model to buy by calculation formula?

Calculation formula:

P=650S²L/V (σb=450N/mm²) 

P – Bending pressure, kN

S – Sheet metal thickness, mm

L – Sheet metal length, mm

V – Width of lower die opening, mm

What is the payment method?

30%TT as deposit , 70% TT before delivery . All of standard machines delivery time 35 days .

What industries can MYT press brake machine be used in?

  1. In the decoration manufacturing industry, high-speed CNC plate shearing machine is widely used, generally cooperate with the application of CNC press brake, can be stainless steel plate sub, window and door of the decoration design;
  2. in the electric power industry, the hydraulic plate shear machine can cut the board into different specifications and sizes, and then according to the CNC press brake to carry out reprocessing, such as computer host, electrical cabinet, refrigerator air conditioning shell are all made in that way;
  3. in the catering industry, a variety of types and specifications of stainless steel products, then in the secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;
  4. in the wind speed communication industry, wind power generation pole, road lamp light pole, communication tower pole, traffic signal light pole, traffic indicator light pole, monitoring pole and other bending;
  5. in the automobile and ship manufacturing industry,generally use large and medium-sized CNC machine tool hydraulic plate shear machine, the key is to carry out the plate cutting work, then in the secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;
  6. in the aerospace manufacturing industry, the general regulation precision is high, can be used high precision CNC bending machine, accurate and high efficiency.

What factors should be considered when buying a NC bending machine?

If your processing requirements are relatively simple, mainly for the simple shape of the plate for bending processing, and the processing accuracy requirements are not high, NC press brake machine is able to meet the requirements, so in that case, we recommend you to choose to buy NC press brake.

The main models of the NC press brake are: 40T2500,63T2500,80T2500,100T3200,125T3200 160T3200,200T3200 250T3200 300T3200 400T4000, length have 2500mm and 3200mm, and the machine can also be customized according to customers.

Most commonly used for sheet metal processing, metal shell making, stainless steel water tank, tool box, auto parts, metal box, etc

What factors will buyers consider when buying a CNC press brake?

First of all, the system must be easy to operate and stable. In order to create more value in production, MYT CNC press brake has the following systems.

CNC press brake can be divided into torsion axis CNC press brake and electro-hydraulic servo press brake machine.

Which are the main systems of torsion shaft NC bending machine system?

  1. The domestic system TP10S is equipped with two axes, which can be expanded to 6 axes Y1Y2X R Z1Z2V.
  2. The imported system CT8P is equipped with two axes, which can be expanded to 3-axis 1-axis Y X R V.
  3. 41T standard with two axes, expanding 3 axes requires upgrading the system 42T Y X R

What are the main systems of electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brake system?

1. Dutch delem: mid-market systems have DA50 series, there are two types of DA53T,DA58T, support 4-axis 1-axis Y1Y2 X R V, support offline software, support 2D options, of which 58 comes with 2DPY 53T system requires customers to pay to open, support online options.

The high-end market system has DA60 series, there are two types of DA66T,DA69T, the number of axes can be expanded infinitely, of which DA66T comes with 2D programming and DA69T with 3D programming, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The function type is shown in the figure below.

2.Italy’s ESA: ESA’s main mid-range system is 630 and 640, which supports 2D and multi-axis linkage, and can be used as 8×1 axis Y1, Y2, X1, X2, R1, R2,Z1, Z2,A1.

3.Switzerland’s CYBELEC . We have CT8PS and CT12 that can do 4-axis Y1, Y2, X, R, V.

What are the technical advantages of MYT CNC press brake?

  1. On the configuration of the machine itself: hydraulic valve group: Moyatt adopts German Harvey HAWE
  2. Driver: the most stable driver in the inovance CNC bending machine industry.
  3. Die: quenching process with high hardness and durability.
  4. System: choose the world famous brand Delem / Cybelec/ ESA series.
  5. Configuration: MYT CNC bending machine can also be configured laser test angle, Italian DSP laser protection.
  1. Technology: the R & D team continues to upgrade accessories, for example, MYT has a top-of-the-line bending machine pump control: two-way pump. Double main motor servo-SVP press brake machine two sets of hydraulic valves and servo motors are installed on the oil cylinder, the whole machine is operated by full electric servo, and the energy saving precision is high.

Press brake showcase

If you want to realize automatic functions such as automatic loading system, automatic adjustment tools, improve production efficiency and the high precision of processing workpiece, then CNC bending machine is a better choice because it has more advanced control system and automation capabilities.

CNC press brake with automatic front support

CNC press brake with robots

CNC panel bender with robots

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